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The People Behind SPELL

Business Operation Team

The Business Operation Team (BOOT) consists a group of skilled individuals who aim to make everyone’s lives - both customer and staff - a little bit easier. They are responsible for the digital signage that is present in SPELL’s Changi Airport T3 outlet which is an interactive display that allows people to know more about SPELL at a touch of a button. Customers could also use its magic mirror function to mix and match Spell’s latest collection of clothing line.

The BOOT team’s main roles and responsibilities include the maintenance of all things digital in SPELL. They also must be adept with the ongoing operations around SPELL, all of its promotions and how the store works as a business. They are also responsible for organising the workflow of the staff and how every segment of SPELL operates in sync with each other.

Clockwise from bottom: Leo, Kai Boon, Shaun and Han Jing.

Customer Relations Management Team

One could say that the Customer Relations Management (CRM) team is the soothing voice of the business. The CRM team is mainly responsible for maintaining rapport with their customer base, answering queries and entertaining customer complaints and feedback. Essentially, their job is to make sure that the organisation carries out their value chain of their products as promised and engages mostly in after sales processes and in the augmented product section of SPELL’s product marketing mix.

The CRM team prioritises customer needs as ultimately, their goal is to build, maintain and retain customers at SPELL. Keeping in mind that 90% of sales come from retained customers, it is all the more important to maintain a good buyer-seller relationship with SPELL’s customers. To do this, the SPELL team uses technology to automate and organise their memberships with databases and software to key in sensitive customer details, after which they would send them newsletters to update customers on what is new in SPELL.

(From L to R) Simin, Terence and Michelle

Integrated Marketing Communications

The integrated marketing communications (IMC) team focuses on increasing sales in SPELL through print media. Today, marketing has become an essential function in every business. It brings in the traffic, builds the brand and gets people to know about it. The IMC team plans meticulously for promotions with promotional posters put up around campus and they also design collateral to better communicate who SPELL is.

With advancement in technology, there are also other marketing channels apart from just print media. An example is the digital signage outside SPELL. The IMC team is also in charge of updating the information and this provides a more interactive experience for customers. These are the people behind the photos that we see on SPELL’s social media platforms such as Facebook.

Photo flatlay of SPELL’s collaterals posted on Instagram

From L to R: Jeffrey, Lily, Nigel & Adrian

Inventory Management

The inventory management (IVM) team plays a crucial role in a business’ workflow. These are the people responsible for the efficient flow of physical stock of merchandise within the business in both the SPELL retail outlet in Changi Airport T3 and SPELL’s warehouse on campus off Dover Road.

The IVM team also uses an inventory management system technology called Symphony WMS to assist them in their duties and ensures that all the physical stock is accounted for at the start of the business day and at the end of the business day, when they close the store. Not only that, they also are responsible for processing the goods to be ready for sale in the physical store. To do this, they must first categorise the merchandise with barcodes. Each product has a specific Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) that they use to differentiate each products. The barcode consists of information regarding the product country origin, colour of the product, and sometimes the pattern or material of the product. Of course, a brief description about the product e.g. short sleeved top, midi skirt etc. Here’s something interesting about the products in SPELL - each and every item of merchandise is given a name!

(From L to R) Jonathan, Michael, Cherie and Edgar.

Inventory team handling the stocks in Spell’s warehouse.


The Merchandising (MER) team is essentially the face of the physical store. These girls are the people who, by applying what they learn in their merchandising class, think up new concepts for the store. Behind the positioning of each and every product lies a concept, which is why customers are attracted by the store’s visuals!

The MER team spends their time arranging and deciding which products to be displayed in SPELL. The store layout is changed and suited to every season, such as Christmas, Chinese New Year and even during GSS. Planning a store layout is not easy, the team has to be very meticulous and are always looking at it from the customers’ point of view – will customers get attracted? Will they be able to spot this Prestige product? Of course, with the guidance of their lecturer in charge, SPELL always ensures the best image is displayed to the shoppers of Changi Airport.

(From L to R) Audrey, Janessa, Stacey, Angelyn and Trisha.

Merchandising team planning the SPELL’s store layout and deciding on which products to put on display.

Public Relations

The SPELL Public Relations team plays a very important role in communications with the public, updating them on what is happening in our experiential learning facility while ensuring that SPELL is portrayed and perceived positively to the public. With new technologies and advances in media, plus a media savvy public, it is very important to maintain good public relations.

Singapore Polytechnic’s SPELL is the first and only off campus student-run authentic learning living laboratory that is run by entrepreneurs who are buzzing with creativity and innovation. There are always new developments and interesting stories in SPELL to talk about. The PR team’s work involves preparing write-ups, developing publicity collateral and liaison work. In doing so, the team publicizes SPELL’s work in order to develop and maintain good relations with the publics such as customers, industry partners, fellow students, SP staff and the media.

L to R: Nicholas, Trisha and Kenric

PR team in action – interviewing entrepreneurs


Sales is the ‘life blood’ of any business. No matter how great the product quality or customer service, a business would not effectively reach out to their customers without a strong and effective sales team.

SPELL’s sales team upholds selling value rather than price to customers. The people in the SPELL sales team constantly look out for opportunities to bring SPELL and Verve Avenue – SPELL’s in-house brand – to you. Our sales team analyse the previous sales volume and customer walk-in data and reports provided by our Kai Square Video Analytics System to determine sales targets.  If these sales targets are met, students on shift that day are rewarded, which motivates SPELL’s frontline sales staff. On top of that, the sales team are the people behind SPELL promotions. These not only serve to increase traffic volume, they allow customer an enjoyable shopping experience.

Clockwise from top left: Gordon, Fang Wei, Adrian, Desiree and Alyssa.

Desiree briefing her team regarding sales targets for Spell to meet.

Web & Social Media

The Web & Social Media (WSM) Team is in charge of its social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. They communicate with the public – they post interesting news content about SPELL and then analyze its web traffic to determine the more popular posts. From there, they work hand in hand with other teams, such as the sales team and the integrated visual marketing team to come up with strategies to better increase the traffic flow to the website and social media platforms, gaining brand awareness and letting people know more about what SPELL is about.

There is so much to say about SPELL, as it is such a unique and one-of-a-kind retail shop run entirely by Singapore Polytechnic students. The team plays an important role to as an online information source, connecting with and arousing the public’s curiosity – wherever they are - and eventually leading them to the store!

(L to R): Denise, Jing Han and Aaron

WSM team keeping the Spell website up to date.


To complete the course and graduate, all students in the Entrepreneurship Option have to fulfil a certain number of learning hours in SPELL. As such, the Scheduling team members are the ones behind the scenes who plan everyone’s schedules and tabulate hours each student has clocked. Scheduling may seem like it is easy task, but that’s the furthest from the truth! Success all boils down to the nitty gritty details so the team has to be very meticulous in order to avoid any clash in schedule. On top of scheduling for the Entrepreneurship Option students, the scheduling team also manages the schedules of the year two Advanced Module (AM) students.

Scheduling is not a one-off thing. The team actually works daily. For instance, all students on duty on any given day have to take a picture of their time-cards and send these pictures to the scheduling team for them to tabulate hours.

(From L to R) Ruth, Emil and Maxine: The trio behind scheduling at SPELL.



Our Achievements

Phillip Securities POEMS Tertiary Stock and Forex/Gold Challenge 2017

POEMS Tertiary Challenge is an annual electronic trading competition where teams of undergraduates and graduate students can trade stocks, forex/ gold in a simulated trading environment on POEMS 2.0. The Tertiary Challenge is open to all students of Tertiary institutions including Universities, Polytechnics and ITEs.

2017 UOB Kay Hian Scholarship Presentation

The annual UOB Kay Hian (UOBKH) Scholarship presentation ceremony took place on the 24th Nov 2017.


Kearny (DBKF) and Yan Jie (DAC)are the winners of this year’s SOE-CHARLES & KEITH Best Interviewer Award, an accolade presented to students who have demonstrated impressive research methods and well-honed reporting skills in a programme that allows students to meet and interview entrepreneurs they admire.

Deloitte-ICAEW Scholarship 2017

The Deloitte-ICAEW Scholarship is awarded to the highest achievers at local polytechnics to support their academic goals and career ambitions.

SP students won all top 3 Usprint 2017 Prizes

SP students won all top 3 prizes at the UOB Kay Hian Inter-Polytechnic Real-Time Investment and Trading Competition (uSPRINT) 2017, the first time that a single polytechnic won all the top prizes.

Supply Chain Challenge 2017

Supply Chain Challenge (SCC) is an annual case competition organised by Singapore Logistics Association (SLA) and Singapore University of Social Services (SUSS). Team EZLife from DBA did SB proud by retaining the championship trophy for the second year running for the school. They walked away with a cash prize of $4,000.

Singapore Human Resource Challenge 2017

The Singapore HR Challenge 2017 was held on 29 July 2017. This year’s theme was “Preparing for the Millennial Workforce: Are Organisations Ready”. Our DHRMP alumni team won 2nd place in the HR competition. In addition, our alumni, Tan Zhao Xuan also won the “Outstanding Presenter Award”! This event was organised by the Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI).

NTU Audit & Accounting Challenge 2017

The AAC is an annual competition organised by Nanyang Business School Auditing and Assurance Team (NAAT) which aims to develop interest in the auditing and accounting field and also to create awareness on the latest audit and accounting issues.

ICAEW South East Asia Business Challenge 2017

ICAEW South East Asia Business Challenge 2017: SP Accountancy awarded the Most Collaborative Team Award.

SMU-IIAS Internal Audit Case Challenge 2017

On 3 June 2017, our SP Accountancy students competed in the competition against other university and polytechnic teams. Our students emerged as 2nd runner up (behind SMU and SUSS). We were the only polytechnic that won an award during the competition.

Singapore Human Resource Challenge 2016 - The CHAMPION team !!!

We were from the SP Business School – Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology (DHRMP). Our team, Personer consisting 4 members: Claira Goh, Cindy Lee, P Sharmini and Shieromie Dias.

The People Behind SPELL

There is so much to say about SPELL, as it is such a unique and one-of-a-kind retail shop run entirely by Singapore Polytechnic students.


Final year Diploma in Business Administration (Marketing Management options) students were filled with a bewildering array of emotions on 10 February 2017.

Singapore Business Plan Competition 2016

Two DAC students, Cheryl Lai and Javin Chan Jun Wei, emerged as the first-runner up in the University of Newcastle (UON) Singapore Business Plan competition 2016 on 3 September 2016.

Gatsby Marketing Challenge 2016

Students from DBA, DAC and DEEE taking the Fundamentals of Marketing module in AY 20162017 Semester 1 got to work on an industry project based on the Gatsby Moving Rubber brand.


12 August 2016 - It was a day of many emotions for 3 teams from the final year Diploma in Business Administration (Marketing Management) option students.

Poly's tie-up with RWS gives students an edge in jobs

New programme will offer interns opportunity to work full-time at higher position and pay scale.

Costa Victoria Experience

The tour was a great learning platform for the Hospitality Mid-Management Internship Programme (HMMIP) as they will start their one-year internship in the new academic year. The Hospitality Mid-Management Internship Programme (HMMIP) provides a fast-tracked career path to selected DTRM students.

Cool Japan Seminar 2015 and International Symposium on Technology for Sustainability 2015

Having the opportunity to attend the Cool Japan Seminar (CJS) 2015, held in Hachinohe from 25th of April to 2nd of May.

Singapore HR Challenge 2015

SP Business School team, “Times New Romans” comprising of students from the Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology (DHRMP) emerged First Runner-Up (Polytechnic Category) at the Singapore HR Challenge 2015.

Audit and Accounting Challenge 2014

4 DAC students joined the Audit and Accounting Challenge (AAC) competition which is hosted by NTU and achieved the second runner-up.

SP-ICAEW Networking Event at Cricket Club

A group of Year 2 Student attended SP-ICAEW Networking Event during the June vacation holiday on 12th June 2014 at City Hall Cricket Club.

SP-ICAEW MOU Signing cum networking event

SP signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with ICAEW to develop a Finance and Accounting Acceleration Programme.

SB Kindness Project 2014

SB Kindness Project 2014 was launched by a joint collaboration between DAC and DBA, and what a heartwarming success it was!

ASEAN Connect 2014

ASEAN Connect is a learning program for the SP Business School students, in collaboration with targeted universities and industrial partners in Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia.

National tax competition 2014

We are a group of Year 2 students from the accountancy course who recently participated in the National Tax Competition organized by NTU as of 22 March 2014.

Peer Coaching Programme 2013 – “Interviews Live”

Year 2 students from the Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology (DHRMP) conducted mock interviews, as well as, gave constructive feedback to 28 Year 3 SP students. Called the Peer Coaching programme – “Interviews Live”, it was a first time collaboration between SP Business School and the Student Service Centre.

Future China Global Forum And Future China Youth Forum

The first 2 days, 8 and 9 July 2013, was the Future China Global Forum (FCGF) at Shangri-la Hotel, Singapore.

SPRING Executive Development Scholarship Award Ceremony

Our heartiest congratulations to Dennis Teo Jun Wei, our DAC Alumni, for being awarded the SPRING-GREENPAC Singapore Executive Development Scholarship 2013.

The National Tax Competition Reflection

A group of Year two students from DAC/FT/2B/06 who recently participated in the National Tax Competition organized by NTU on 2 February 2013.

Competing against the Region’s Business Students

4 students from Diploma in International Business risk exam grades to head to Indonesia for an International Business Model competition.

4 DBID Students Earned a Trip to Rochester Minnesota

In September 2013, 4 Diploma in Business Innovation and Design (DBID) students were selected by their lecturers and client, Inno4, to attend a conference on health care conference called TRANSFORM.

DBID-SIA’s Product Innovation Team Lands at SP , a recount by DBID 2nd year student by Jereme Tan

On 24th July this year, we were very fortunate to have for the first time a visit to SP’s School of Business the leader of product innovation of our flag carrier, Singapore Airlines. The attached story is a recount by our 2nd year DBID Student Jereme Tan on his thoughts about the talk and the sense of his privilege that he was able to get close and personal with the team behind the award winning team of innovators.

DBID- MND Scholar Kao Hwee Ling shares her experience on a joint project with Housing Development Board and National Development Board

Five Diploma in Business Innovation and Design (DBID) Ministry of National Development (MND) scholars who had the honour to work on a real-world project with the MND.

DBID students wins $75, 000 worth of scholarships

For the second year running, students from DBID have earned the prestigious honour of being the only polytechnic students who were conferred Ministry of National Development Executive Development and Growth Exchange (MND-EDGE) scholarships

Diploma in Business Innovation and Design Team Becomes First National WINNER for the Hewlett Packard- Junior Achievement SOCIAL INNOVATION RELAY!

4 students from the Diploma in Business Innovation and Design (DBID) participated in the Junior Achievement and Hewlett Packard Social Innovation Relay this year.

Triumph for Team SWAX at IMC 2012

Ten teams, five countries, 3 winners. SP Business School brought home a Bronze Medal during the International Marketing Competition last Saturday, 3 November 2012.

Citi FX Challenge 2011: SP Business School Students Clinch 3 Winning Positions

The Citi Foreign Exchange Challenge 2011 was held in Asia Square. There were 300 teams taking part in the tertiary competition.

AirAsia Marketing Plan Competition 2012

About 130 students and guests attended the Finals of the AirAsia Marketing Plan Competition 2012

Bringing JOY to DHRMP students

SP Business School team, “Joy”, comprising 4 students from DHRMP emerged First Runner-Up (Polytechnic category) at the Singapore HR Challenge 2012.

Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI) Youth Enterprise Awards 2011

On May 2011, the Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce announced the launch of the Singapore Youth Enterprise Awards.

SP Business School winning team earns a Merit

SP Business School’s winning team earns a Merit at the Chartered Institute of Marketing (Singapore) International Marketing Competition

SP Business School Winners at Official Talents@NAA 2011

Official Talents@NAA 2011

2011 Worldwide Competition on Microsoft Office

The 2011 Worldwide Competition on Microsoft Office attracted more than 228,000 unique candidates from 57 countries.

Entrepreneurial Thinkers Excel in Global Marketing Competition

FedEx Express Junior Achievement International Trade Challenge Singapore.

National Management Competition 2011

The National Management Competition is an annual tournament aims to inculcate entrepreneur spirit and business management skills in participants.

MOS 2011

2011 Singapore Microsoft Office Academic Skills Challenge National Finals was held at ITE West Campus on 15 June 2011.

All Round Winners for DHRMP Students at Singapore HR Challenge 2011

All Round Winners for DHRMP Students at Singapore HR Challenge 2011

7th International Marketing Competition (IMC) 2010

SP Business School team was awarded the Gold Award in the local category, beating other polytechnics and private tertiary institutions.

A Win in the Asian Management Game

Fencing off tough competition from India, Macau, Malaysia and Hong Kong, our students representing Singapore in the Asian Management Game (AMG) emerged as runners-up!

FedEx / JA Competition 2010

Two teams comprising of students from DBA-IBT option emerged as merit winners in the Singapore Finals of the FedEx / JA International Trade Challenge 2010.

SB Students Represent Singapore at Global Management Challenge Finals

Team SP Strategists from the Diploma in Banking and Financial Services (DBF) represented Singapore at the international finals held at Khanty-Mansiysk, a beautiful town in Siberia, Russia.

Finex 2009

Our students scored another win for SB!

Citi FX Challenge 2009

Our students did SB proud again

Acing their Studies at NTU

SP Biz School Alumni proved that they are no shrinking violets when it comes to blazing the academic trail.

Graduate's Achievements

Our very own scholars in the local universities.

Up there with the best

SB students prove they are no slouches when it comes to management even against professionals!

Another achievement by SB students

DBA Students Emerge Champions in International Marketing Competition