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Teaching and Learning

MS lecturers conduct educational studies to improve teaching and learning methodology, and research in areas of Statistics, Data Mining and Operations Research.   Many new teaching approaches involving Active Learning and Problem Based Learning (PBL) were incorporated into all mathematics & IT modules offered by MS to enhance student learning.  The CDIO™ INITIATIVE, an innovative educational framework for producing the next generation of engineers, is adopted by all engineering courses in Singapore Polytechnic. In line with this, MS has redesigned the teaching and learning of its Engineering Mathematics modules (EM) according to a Holistic Education Framework.
In order to motivate students to learn interactively at their own pace, and enable lecturers to effectively monitor students' learning progress, a focus team of lecturers were officially formed in 2007 to spearhead the school to incorporate ICT in teaching and learning.    To date, MS has amassed many teaching resources and technologies, visualisation software and applets, ebooks as well as pedagogical practices and methodologies.

To continually develop the expertise of MS lecturers, sharing sessions, training workshops and conferences are organised regularly. Communities of Practices are also formed arising from the lecturers’ initiatives and needs.  MS is also constantly exploring new pedagogical models to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics and science concepts. To help new lecturers assimilate well into the school, a structured mentoring program has been introduced.