Focus@ MS

Build a strong foundation in Mathematics and Science to meet industry and university needs

Solutions Made Simple

Use technology and social media in teaching and learning

Highlights of CDIO team’s efforts (2009)

JTP Paper

A research paper was submitted and accepted by Journal of Teaching Practice.




Curriculum Integration Project

A table was created to show how Maths topics are utilized in the modules of DEEE. A section of the table is shown below:




Engineering Formula Booklets

Engineering Formula Booklets for the students in DCEM and DEWT are developed. The emphasis is on identification, alignment and linkage of Maths to Engineering.


Sample of DCEM Booklet



Sample of DEWT Booklet

Web Links

A list of relevant websites has been collated to help students see the linkages of Maths topics to SMAE modules and real life scenarios. They also help students understand mathematical concepts better through visualisation and animation. A section of the table is shown below: