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A Fresh Start

Sweat trickled down my forehead as I was scrambling up the never-ending ‘hill’ that CASS sat on. Oh no! I was late! It was just the first day of the Freshmen Orientation Programme and I was already late? After six months of lazing around & doing absolutely nothing, I was not ready for this! I scampered nervously to the registration booth – “DADP”. Yes, that’s it. The Diploma in Applied Drama and Psychology. I was greeted by seniors who reassured me that I was still on time. I most certainly displayed all signs of a true-blue freshie. I think overdressing gave me away. 

I was ushered into the class but I was feeling lost for a different reason. Having been in an all-boys school for a good 11 years, I was not prepared to meet girls.  How was I supposed to approach them? Would they think I was trying to be funny with them? What if they found me weird and peculiar?

When I entered the classroom, I could feel a lot of nervous energy too. I discovered that I was not alone. My peers who were already in the classroom were all just like me – lost, nervous, yet excited. Soon after, I made friends and we clicked!  I was a proud student of DADP/1A/02. We also met our Personal Tutor, Ms. Sukitha, who was really caring and nice, and she provided us with a much-needed sense of reassurance.

The Freshmen Orientation Programme (FOP) was incredibly fun. We visited many cool and chic corners on campus, checked out the variety of food stalls and played games with fellow CASS students. The highlight of the FOP was a visit to Gardens by the Bay to prepare for an Art Jam showcase. The Cloud Forest was mind-blowing and the Flower Dome was a beautiful visual treat.

A highlight of the CASS Freshmen Orientation was the
visit to Gardens by the Bay

We got down to creating our art works after the visit. I was impressed by the artistic talents in my class. I was even more impressed when we placed our artworks together. Teamwork made a difference! On presentation day, our class decided to follow a pink and red dress code. It was great fun!

The product of our teamwork

One way to bond: dress alike!

I was sad that the FOP ended so quickly but I was more than happy to be part of the CASS Family.

Written by
Vishnucharan Naidu
Year 1, Diploma in Applied Drama and Psychology