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Action Galore at Asian Television Awards Superpitch

Lights! Camera! Action! All three elements were there, just not quite in the way you’d expect. 

I attended the 16th Asian Television Awards - ATA Showcase and Superpitch event on 8 December and thoroughly enjoyed myself. The ATA Showcase was a not-to-be missed event where judges, nominees of the Asian Television Awards, along with regional directors, producers and creative talents engaged with one another in workshops and dialogue to share their ideas on television content and production. The event brought together industry professionals who discussed content production, technical expertise, special effects, content development and production challenges, and more that take place behind the scenes of successful TV shows.


The Superpitch following the ATA Showcase was billed as the region’s ultimate pitching event for aspiring and experienced professionals in TV production, and it did not disappoint. Superpitch participants were creative industry professionals who came from all over the Asia Pacific region to pitch their unique TV show ideas to an expert judging panel of hard-nosed television executives.


Participants competed in different categories and our group -- Diploma in Media and Communication (DMC) students -- were put into different groups to make sure we heard pitches in categories such as Documentary, Children and Preschool, and Formats. Together with other members of the OneDegree student communication agency, I attended the ‘Formats’ showcase and superpitch, and heard great pitches, from dangerous sports to intense singing competitions. (A format describes the overall concept of any TV programme.)


Attending the ATA Showcase and Superpitch gave me a taste of what it’s like to work in the highly competitive and intensive media industry. In particular, the intense effort that goes into pitching to get your creative ideas accepted. Seeing the Superpitch participants in action, putting up amazing and very professional pitches, I was reminded of how often we, DMC students, find ourselves struggling to pitch our ideas. Watching the professionals at work was certainly a good learning experience.


DMC students at the 16th Asian Television Awards


I realized that it takes a lot of creativity to come up with a show people would love to watch, and I’m glad I had a chance to see how some of the most talented minds in the industry present and win their pitches.


Written by Daniel Chai

Diploma in Media and Communication, Year 2

Member of OneDegree communication agency