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Alice Nine Rocks the Hard Rock Hotel

Hard Rock Hotel hosts not just old music legends but new ones, too. Japanese Visual-kei band Alice Nine performed in Singapore at The Coliseum on 28 June 2014 and the night before, we got to sit down with the members and ask them a few questions.

One thing we learnt was what Alice Nine members would be doing if they weren’t, well, Alice Nine members.

Tora, one of the guitarists, answered first by saying he never had plans in his life and had simply gotten swept up in music. Hence, he’d probably be ‘nothing’ if he weren’t a musician.

Saga the bassist said he would be a soccer player.

Shou the vocalist said he would still be in the line of creating things and would probably be either a chef or carpenter.

Nao the drummer said he’d be a doctor because he wants to save people. He then put on imaginary stethoscopes and poked and prodded at an imaginary patient.

Hiroto the guitarist told us he’d recently stopped smoking. One of the side-effects of this is craving sweet foods, so he said he’d want to be a patisserie.

After that session, we got to attend the concert! It was explosive! The venue shook from the sheer energy of the fans who sang along with Shou, jumping and pumping their fists.

Tora constantly headed to the stage’s edge, getting as close as possible to the fans, much to their (our) delight.

Saga further delighted the fans by removing his jacket after the first few songs, leaving himself in a loose white shirt, with most of the buttons undone.

Nao, though his place was behind the other members with his drums, commanded as much attention. Nao was all-grins throughout the show. During his MC, he couldn’t hold in his energy, shouting whatever he wanted to say. He ended by saying, in English, “My heart… Cannot take it!”

Hiroto winked and blew kisses at the fans, earning lots of screams. Fans were ecstatic during his MC, when he shouted he loved Singapore. He said the fans were like family to Alice Nine, and that we were all one and the same: “We are Alice Nine! You are Alice Nine!”

Shou, front and center, commanded the stage expertly. While singing, he encouraged the fans to sing along, clap their hands, pump their fists. He charmed everyone in the venue with his smiles and voice.

With a perfect mixture of both loud rocking songs and soft, slow ballads, the concert left many drenched in sweat and tears by the end of the night.

To wrap it up, the members threw guitar picks, bottles and drum sticks towards the crowd, with a promise they would return some day.

Being an entertainment reporter for the weekend was a huge thrill and a scary but exhilarating experience. We were nervous wrecks but we got the job done and made wonderful, irreplaceable memories. We are grateful for this opportunity.

Written By: Belle Sim and Yuri Yamaguchi
Year 2, Diploma in Creative Writing for TV and New Media (DTVM)