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An iPad for Every Student? Why Not?

Year 2 students from our Diploma in Creative Writing for TV and New Media (DTVM) are among the first group of students in Singapore Polytechnic to use an iPad as part of their class work.


Each student is given the iPad to use for one semester, specifically for DTVM's journalism class. This is to train students to be ‘mobile journalists’ so that they can write, shoot and send their content from anywhere.


The students' first reporting assignment took place in November 2011 during Escapade 2011. The students covered different aspects of the event as members of the media. They were reporting, interviewing, producing video clips and taking photos, all using the iPad.


Interviewing using the iPad


With the iPad, reporting in the dark is not an issue.

Because the iPad is an all-in-one device, the students also use it as a camera for their Photojournalism class, as a voice recorder and playback during Broadcast Voicing exercise and of course, as a word processor.


With the different apps, students also used the iPad to upload photographs, using instagram, as a brainstorming document and to analyse websites.

It is also much easier for the students to present what they have researched on, especially if they had been to a particular location, because they would have compiled photographs and audio recording.


The iPad, however, is just a tool to help students learn. The skills that the students pick up, are the real objectives. The iPad has made it easier, faster and naturally, more fun.