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Creating Room for Ideas

Imagine a special room where you need to crawl to enter, you can scribble on the walls and you can dismantle the furniture because they’re like large pieces of lego blocks! That’s the unique space for students of our Diploma in Creative Writing for TV and New Media (DTVM).


In the words of DTVM lecturer Stella Wee who conceptualised this room, “Once in there, students are free to create without judgement and fear and at the same time, are encouraged by people who are supporting them, to allow them to make ‘mis-takes’ and help them to grow and be a better writer.”


The room is designed to encourage students to generate ‘wild, crazy and amazing’ ideas that can be developed into TV shows, documentaries, content for websites and new media apps.   This is because DTVM students are trained to be content creators across media platforms such as television and new media applications (apps).


Artist impression


The core skill is writing and a critical stage in the creative writing process is ideation and conceptualisation. And this is where The Writers’ Room comes in. It is stimulating because it fosters visual thinking and learning.


The room is a fun yet working space. It will make students feel special. That’s what you get when you’re in DTVM. After all, it’s the only Creative Writing diploma in Singapore.

A place, a space, a room to explore

Ideas you could have, like never before


Doodle or crawl or jump or just stare

Whatever it takes, for the walls are bare


Toys and pens let you create

Your very own world, with your own trait


A classroom today, a castle tomorrow

A place to play, a hole to burrow


Cushions as chairs, blocks as tables

Let you produce, characters and fables


Sounds good, you think? Then let us groom

The creative mind in The Writers’ Room.