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Creative Writing Students Score at MobFest

Students from our Diploma in Creative Writing for TV and New Media (DTVM) have been recognised for using mobile technology to advance the traditional and future-proof skill of writing and story-telling.


Two groups of students won third and fourth places at the e-book competition organised during Singapore Polytechnic’s Mobile Festival, or MobFest, on 31 October 2012.


Third place winners were students who called themselves ‘YOLO’ or ‘You Only Live Once’. The group was made up of Jazlyn Koo, Quek Kar Men, Ng Ching Peng and Debra Lee. They impressed the judges with their-e-book entitled ‘How to Tell a Good Story’. It contained text and animation about the basics of story-telling, such as the three-act structure, the story arc, character building and the hero’s journey. All these were covered in their school work as part of their learning about good storytelling.




Coming in fourth was the group called ‘Lemmings’ with their e-book entitled ‘Journalism 101’. The group was made up of Elitha Navaratnam, Rebekah Jayaraj, Pearl Lin and Carmen Ong. They compiled their understanding of what makes news, writing news articles, journalism in various media platforms and qualities of a journalist.


Team Lemmings


A third group of students wow-ed the crowd with their presentation of how they used the iPad in their curriculum. Nathaniel Hong, Gayathiri Chandramohan, Try Sutrisno Foo Abdul Rahman and Pearl Lin represented their Year 3 cohort. This batch was one of the first groups of students in SP who were each given an iPad to enhance their learning. Their honest take on what they liked and disliked about the iPad clearly impressed the crowd of students, lecturers and IT professionals who thoroughly enjoyed the students’ professionalism and humour in sharing their experience. 


In his speech, Principal Tan Hang Cheong stressed the need for SP to look at using technology efficiently and effectively.


He said “the most important thing is not to keep on catching up with technology, because there’s no end to technology.”


Instead, Mr Tan said it is more important to understand how students learn, and figure out the best technology to use to compliment that – even if it means using just the pen and paper.


MobFest Presenters with Mr Tan 


MobFest has been a gathering to celebrate and showcase SP’s ongoing efforts to establish a fully mobile campus for staff students. It was also an opportunity to compare notes, make new contacts and find ways to collaborate on mobile technology.