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Drama in a Museum

DADP just showers you with opportunities. We have a Facebook Page where we share "lobangs" with each other - upcoming projects, discounted theatre tickets, audition name it, it is probably there! Sometime in March this year, I remember reading a Facebook post by one of our lecturers, broadcasting an open call to all DADP peeps to create a fun drama-in-education workshop for the annual Children's Season at Memories at Old Ford Factory, a war museum located in Upper Bukit Timah.

The museum wanted us to teach children history in a fun and engaging way and this is one of the reasons why I truly appreciate being a DADP student at CASS! The opportunities we get along the way are not your average simulation exercises or mock assignments. Here at CASS, we get to work on actual projects for actual clients!

Explaining "barter trade" to the children

Never had I has so much fun working on a school project! It was such a memorable experience as it was my first time helming a project of such a scale for members of the public. This project was the real deal! Our task was to design a drama workshop that brought history to life for children. We also had to pitch the programme to the museum and execute it, a truly important skill for any aspiring community artist. There were about ten of us who volunteered for this project and after many discussions, we finally designed a drama workshop that helped children understand how difficult life was during the Japanese Occupation.

Oh no! A Japanese soldier!

The workshop execution itself was the most rewarding highlight of the four month long process. For the drama workshop, the children were given the task of bartering their possessions for precious medicine to save a friend. One of us took on the role of a Japanese soldier who tried to thwart the children's efforts. It was fun playing along with the children as they obeyed the commandsof the Japanese soldier. I have always enjoyed the company of others because of the interaction and the relationships you can force and this experience reinforced how much I love working with children and what a powerful educational tool drama can be.

Thank you National Archives for this opportunity!

I must say this experience is one of the best in my three years of Poly life as I was given the chance to experience how it will be like in the real world, directing my own projects from beginning right to the end. I learned so much from the whole process, from meeting the client to the multiple planning sessions with the team. It was even fun sourcing for props that we needed for the workshop! It was hard work but also fun and enriching to us all.

Written by Sofia Binte Md Khanafie Year 3, Diploma in Applied Drama & Psychology