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DTVM Students Dazzle

The students dazzled the audience. They took on the hard-hitting questions with confidence and they presented good ideas.


So good were their ideas that at least three (out of 8 groups) were taken up by the invited guests almost as soon as the presentations ended. Other guests were ready to work with the students in different ways or were willing to sponsor the next phase of the idea, to see it being turned into a service or product.

The students worked in groups and had to focus on children, youth, the elderly or foreign talent.


Their task was to dig up an unmet need of different groups in our society. But their solution had to be web-based. After all, this is an assignment under the module ‘Web Publishing and Design’. The challenge was posed to Year 2 students from our Diploma in Creative Writing for TV and New Media (DTVM).


The group that presented their web-based solution to help
foreign talent get more integrated in Singapore

What’s more, to help the students come up with a workable solution, they were trained to use the Design Thinking process -- the ability to think like a designer and apply it to an issue on hand.


This means, they had to interview the stake-holders, come up with a persona, devise a prototype, go back to their interviewees and only then, be ready to present.


They then had to present their findings to a group of invited guests who all had an interest in the topics being presented. They came from organisations such as Council for the Third Age, People’s Association (Youth Movement and Active Ageing), National Youth Council, Ministry of Home Affairs, the Prime Minister’s Office, Ageless Online, lecturers from the School of Digital Media and Information Technology, as well as other interested individuals.


Panel members from People’s Association and National Youth Council


The students were questioned by the audience on many aspects and they had to really know their stuff well.


Such presentations of concepts and ideas to external guests are part and parcel of the DTVM curriculum. This is to train the students to come up with creative ideas but at the same time, they must be good ones that actually work.