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I See Bits of Me, in You

Being part of the CASS Club (2011/2012), it was mandatory that I partake in the Freshmen Orientation Programme (FOP) 2012  as a 'PA'. To be honest, I wasn’t looking forward to it. Which sane individual would want to relinquish their last week of holidays to help out in school? What started out as obligation, however, metamorphosed into something entirely different.


As I’m from the Diploma in Media and Communication (DMC), I took the fifth class from DMC! My kids (or how as I like to refer them) were a distinctive bunch of people, with personalities ranging from the extremely loud to the incredibly quiet.


With us going to places like the ArtScience Museum for the Titanic Exhibition and the Art trail along Marina Bay Sands, the four days that I spent with them were enriching and fulfilling, with its fair share of laughter! The satisfaction and content that you get when you see them smile, laugh, joke and bond amongindividuals and as a class is immeasurable.


Discovering art @Marina Bay Sands
Art Path by looking

Dressing up for the occasion


Seeing their faces also reminded me of what I had gone through during my very own FOP: getting to know CASS and SP, forging bonds and knowing that I was not alone.


Hence, the whole experience to me at the end was no longer obligatory. I even felt dejected that I wasn’t going to see my kids as often anymore. The memories I relived through their eyes, the emotions I felt and the memories I created with them were more than enough.


All I hope is that I helped them ease into life at CASS, in one way or another. I am honoured to have been able to give them the helping hand.



Written by Yeong Jun Bo Gabriel

Year 2, Diploma in Media and Communication