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In Favour of Local Flavour

The latest slate of locally produced TV programmes on MediaCorp Channel 5 has not aired yet but a group of first year students from the Diploma in Creative Writing for TV and New Media (DTVM) got a sneak peek of the shows, from the perspective of the casts. They were invited as entertainment journalists to a media showcase called Localicious.

We’ve seen them on TV and even discussed some of the programmes in class. But this was the first time we got so close to the stars of the local TV shows.

The MediaCorp event, Localicious was held at Nanyang Polytechnic on 21 January 2014 and it gathered student journalists and fans of the star of the Channel 5 stars. The audience was treated to the trailers of the Channel’s upcoming shows and a question-and-answer session with the stars.

Comedy and Action

The entire cast of the comedy Spouse for House entertained the crowd by sharing some juicy behind-the-scenes details. Actor Richard Low, for example, revealed some rather intimate details about his character and his on-screen wife. Hong Kong actress Selena Li said she loves working in Singapore and hopes to come back to film the second season of Spouse for House.

The cast of Spouse for House

The cast from the highly-rated drama series Code of Law gave a rundown of what to expect for Season 2. Mathialagan, Sunny Pang and Fauzie Laily said viewers can look forward to more suspense and action. The cast shared that because the show is based on real crimes, they wanted to make sure that they did justice to the different stories and put in much effort in their research on sequences such as the fight scenes. They added that mutual trust between the cast and the crew is essential for a successful drama production.

DTVM students with the cast from Channel 5's Code of Law

Reality and Drama

Contestants from the reality show Wok Stars introduced themselves and their favourite styles of cooking. They said they were looking forward to the cash prizes but revealed that all of them have set their sights on the top prize because the winner gets the chance to run a stall at a Koufu food court, rent-free, for a year. Next up, we met Hayley Woo and Cynthia Koh from Zero Calling, a much darker and thrilling drama. They talked about their experiences during filming and how it felt to switch from filming in Mandarin on Channel 8 programmes to English on their Channel 5 drama. When it came to how they related to the show, Hayley said that it had taught her to be more careful about what she shared on social media since she shares so much of her life on this platform.

We also met the cheerful cast of Rules of Tham. Using one of the terms from the show's trailer, we asked the cast, on a scale of one to 10, how they would rate Singaporeans in PMET (pampered, mediocre, expensive and timid) terms. Joakim Gomez said 5 while Erin Low said 7 initially, but she now sees Singaporeans as a very special kind of people. Kimberly Chia also gave a 5 and Shou Chen said there were different kinds of Singaporeans who fit the different ends of the spectrum, so it was both 1 and 10.

Written by
Belicia Teo
Year 1, Diploma in Creative Writing for TV and New Media