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Learning Outside the Classroom

It’s easy enough to have an idea but what’s really needed is a good idea and one that really works. Which is why, students in our Diploma in Creative Writing for TV and New Media (DTVM) are constantly going for field trips, attending talks both in school and outside school and meeting people from different parts of the media industry.


For example, the Year 1 students would watch a movie as a class to learn about characters and plots. They also get to be a part of the Singapore Writers Festival, where they get to meet internationally-acclaimed authors and filmmakers.



Year 1 students at their movie outing


Year 1 students at the Singapore Writers Festival with author Michael Chabon


The Year 2s attended a Journalism talk at Singapore Press Holdings, among many such events. They get to hear from the industry practitioners directly about what they learn in class.


Often, DTVM lecturers also invite their industry contacts to come to SP to give a talk. We’ve had documentary producers, filmmakers, comic writer and social activists. One of the recent ones was a sharing session by US filmmaker Nick Berger who took a simple story but dug up all the interesting underlying stories, to create an effective documentary.


The entire cohort of Year 1 and 2 students also attended the Asian Television Awards super pitch event, to see what a pitching session is really like.


Such exposure is important to the "Creative Writer" so that he or she can think of what he or she does not usually think about.


It also lets students get used to the idea of presentations, talking to industry practitioners and networking. At DTVM, students are prepared for the industry even before they graduate.