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MMR Team Impresses

During the Singapore Polytechnic Media and Communication Conference (SPMCC) from 13-17 February (theme: Click-to-Connect), 12 students from our Diploma in Media and Communication (DMC) were selected to be part of the Mass Media Research (MMR) team and present the key findings of a research study, “The Impact of Citizen Journalism Among You(th)”.

The findings were gleaned from a large scale survey conducted by the entire Year 2 DMC cohort. I was part of last year’s MMR team and was privileged to have been made the adviser to this year’s team.

I first met the MMR team three months prior to the press conference on 14 February. The members were briefed on what they had to do for the next 2 months leading up to SPMCC 2012. After having a sense of the amount of work required, many wanted to give up at first. But thanks to the encouragement of their seniors and the advice of the lecturer-in-charge, they decided to take up the challenge.

Starting with two 60-page reports, the team needed to extract key research findings that were newsworthy. Everything appeared interesting in the beginning and the team could not decide what information would most interest the media. I gave my feedback but it was our experienced lecturers who helped them sift out the salient points. The next part was the hardest, and this was to condense a whole lot of data and information into a 30-minute presentation that would hopefully not bore the audience.

It was indeed a challenge. The team had to balance fun and seriousness in the presentation and at the same time, provide accurate and concise statistics and draw useful insights. The final presentation did not come easy. As with most assignments, the project team did not have enough time to meet and discuss. Work was slow in the beginning. As the day of the press conference drew close, the level of stress among the students heightened. Soon they were staying late in school doing rehearsals and editing. Lecturers also coached them on how best to answer questions from the media.  


At the press conference, it was heartening to see the four presenters deliver an impressive presentation, and the question-and-answer panel confidently take on the journalists’ questions and answer with conviction. All the behind-the-scenes hard work was translated into good media coverage on,, Channel News Asia, Lianhe Zhaobao and more.


Karmaine explaining on Selective Exposure and
A Myopic Worldview at the Press Conference


The MMR Team and Friends 

It felt really great to see the team members congratulate each other and say, “It was worth it!”

I know; I had told them that “it will be worth it!”


Written by Tan Hui Ying,
Diploma in Media and Communication, Year 3