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My First Industry Filmmaking Experience

Last November, I was given the opportunity to work as an intern with Lee Thean-Jeen, one of the most prolific and acclaimed writer-directors in Singapore. Some of his works include The Pupil 1 and 2, Code of Law, Homecoming and Million Dollar Job.

Director Lee Thean-Jeen (L) and AD Tiffany Ng (R)

If you ask me to describe this internship experience, the first thing that comes to my mind would probably be that the working hours were exceptionally long and it was very tiring. However, as I think deeper, it was more than that.

As I was told, being an intern is the fastest way to learn things. An intern does not have huge responsibilities like everyone else has and is allowed to make mistakes (so that we can learn and prevent them from happening again). I actually got the hands-on experience I could not get in school.

Being on Love … and other bad habits, a professional movie production set, was an eye-opener and different from all the school productions I have had. It has allowed me to realise how each role is crucial to the production. For example, one of my many tasks was to make sure every location is neat and clean. While it may sound like a menial task, it was considered one of the important ones, especially when we were using a location that belonged to someone else.

George Young, one of the lead characters in
the movie

Chen Hanwei and Zoe Tay during rehearsal,
with Director and AD behind them

This helped to take a load off the Director’s, Assistant Director (AD)’s, or Producer’s mind. With so many things going on around them, they had one less thing to worry about, that is who was going to clean and tidy the place after the shoot was done.

To view the movie trailer, please see:

Written by
Tan Cheng Hwee
Year 3, Diploma in Media and Communication