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Spotlight on International Star, Wang Lee Hom

Taiwanese-American Singer Wang Lee Hom ‘kisses goodbye’ to 2013 in Singapore at the ‘Celebrate TV50’ countdown show. He was one of the main acts in a concert marking 50 years of television in Singapore. Journalism student Natalie Wong from the Diploma in Creative Writing for TV and New Media (DTVM) got a front-seat view at his performance and files this report, which is an assignment on Entertainment Journalism.

The four-time Golden Melody Award winner did not appear until just before midnight. The show was not big enough for two big acts at the same time. UK boy-band The Wanted took centre stage from 11pm till about midnight when all the stars gathered to usher in the New Year. Right after the countdown, it was Wang’s turn to dazzle.

He was great with both the slow and fast songs. Fans lapped it up when he performed favourites such as '十二生肖' (12 Zodiac Signs) and '放开你的心' (Release Your Heart).

Taiwanese-American singer Wang Lee Hom

Wang made sure he involved his fans from all corners as he ran from one side of the stage to another, asking them to clap along.

The singer, who is known to be a multi-linguist, made the audience repeat ‘Happy New Year’ after him in five languages – Chinese, English, French, Japanese and Malay. The audience was game!

Another crowd pleaser was when he showed that he did not forget the people working behind-the-scenes. He made it a point to introduce his Singaporean backup dancers by their names before they left the stage.

Wang introducing a back-up dancer

Wang infused the theme of ‘celebrating the New Year’ seamlessly during his performance. Before he started singing '心跳'  (Heartbeat), he spoke about New Year resolutions, describing them as,“用心听就听到" (they can be heard with the heart).

Wong also won hearts with his love songs. When he introduced ‘依然爱你’  (Still In Love With You), he reached his hand out to the crowd and asked if he could have the poster made by one of the fans, which had the title of the song on it.

He left his adoring fans a message.
“2014 就努力,更上一楼,再突破,好不好?Singapore 的众朋友们,我现在就要用我的歌声更大家一起告别2013年” (Let us work harder in 2014 to reach greater heights, and breakthroughs, shall we? Audience and friends from Singapore, I will now use my voice to ‘Kiss Goodbye’ to 2013, together with you.)

Wang ended his hour-long performance with his hit song 'Kiss Goodbye'

He then sent a flying kiss and continued singing, “Kiss Goodbye” before making his exit.

Written by
Natalie Wong Jia Min
Year 2, Diploma in Creative Writing for TV and New Media