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The Agency: Authentic Learning at its Best

Come April, when 110 DMC students start their second year training for the Diploma in Media and Communication, they will receive a valuable set of skills training in self leadership.


Starcom MediaVest Group, the leading global brand communications group and partner in The Agency, will conduct a specially designed workshop on self leadership for the students. This training is aimed at equipping each student with valuable personal and social skills that they can apply as they take on the role of a marketing communication professional.


The training focuses on relevant and vital skills, including how to create a personal positioning, time management techniques, understanding thinking styles, the practice of giving helpful feedback, as well as crafting a personal job position.


The Agency: Authentic Learning at its Best


The training programme is designed to be hands-on, focused on small group discussions and exercises to maximise learning.


Students can expect to benefit tremendously from the training. It will raise their self awareness, help to improve their communication at work, as well as increase their effectiveness and confidence in exerting their personal influence.