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The Power of Social Media

Imagine throwing your iPhone in the blender and watching it get sliced, crushed and eventually turn into black molten and smoke! No, that’s not what we did. But one company actually did this as a form of advertisement.  The company is Blendtec which specializes in manufacturing blenders and mixers. It used YouTube as its platform.

This was just one example quoted during a talk on ‘The Power of Social Media’ held earlier this year in January at Singapore Polytechnic. It was organised for students from the Diploma in Creative Writing for TV and New Media (DTVM) and Diploma in Media and Communication (DMC).


A good turn-out 

The two guest speakers were Ms Rachel Cheong and Mr Oliver from Vocanic, a social media marketing business based in Singapore. Rachel is involved in client engagement with well-known brands such as Nokia, Levis and DBS while Oliver, who comes from New Zealand, is a planner and social media strategist.

Ms Cheonh and Mr Oliver in Action

Both guests took turns to give examples on how influential and useful social media is, especially when it comes to connecting with consumers.


Oliver also reminded us about how Singapore politicians used social media to connect with youths during the 2011 General Election. He also provided impressive statistics that show 55% of the Singapore’s population uses Facebook and 60% use YouTube.


As Oliver puts it simply, “social media isn’t about business- it is a core part of communication”.


And that is why staying away from social media is quite inevitable. Embracing it and using it for our benefit also calls for us to be responsible content providers.

Written by Raseena Muthaliff
Year 2, Diploma in Creative Writing for TV and New Media