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We Laughed So Hard!

A showcase of talent and creativity at the Grad Show for students from the Diploma in Creative Writing for TV and New Media

We laughed till we cried. And then we really cried when the time came to say goodbye. 15 March 2013 was an unforgettable night for the DTVM family. The lecturers, together with the Year 1 and 2 students, organised DTVM Awards 2013 for the Year 3 students - the graduating cohort.

The evening took place at The Hall in SP which was decked with billboards, spotlights and even the red carpet. There were photographers, reporters and video cameramen to interview guests, just like what you would get at the Academy Awards!

SP Principal Mr Tan Choon Shian (in brown jacket,
in the middle) with some students from the
graduating cohort

The event started with an exhibition of selected students’ works in six categories: Best Photojournalism, Best e-Portfolio, Best Children’s Stories, Best Documentary, Best TV News and Best TV Concept. These were all assignments and projects that the DTVM students completed during their three-year course. Guests included parents, industry partners, SP staff and DTVM alumni. As guests viewed the works, they also needed to vote for the best project using an iPad. The votes were tallied for the Awards Show that followed.

Guests were then invited to dinner and to witness the highlight of the evening - the Awards presentation, peppered with performances by each class. There was also an item from a DTVM alumni member! The winners walked away with, not a trophy, but a soft toy affectionately known as ‘Ah Huat’. A student in the pioneer batch had a mini-version of ‘Ah Huat’ tied to her bag and ‘Ah Huat’ ‘went’ to all DTVM classes and ‘completed’ many projects. So ‘Ah Huat’ is a big part of the DTVM experience.

It’s hard to pick the best part of the show. Some really liked the songs performed, often re-versioned with references to DTVM lessons, lecturers and students. Others loved the ‘quiz show’, where the questions were ridiculously hilarious because they highlighted the catch-phrases and common habits of the lecturers and students. There was also a skit that brought the house down because the students parodied their DTVM lecturers, right down to their words, lingo and even their dressing.

Year 3 students took on the role of DTVM lecturers
in a skit

The finale was perhaps the most touching. The lecturers prepared a video that documented the highlights of the graduating cohort’s three-year journey.  Right at the end of the video, the song continued but this time, it was an acoustic version played on the guitar by one of the lecturers. The projector screen was raised to reveal the lecturers on stage, continuing the song from Green Day’s ‘Time of your life’.  The lecturers then invited all DTVM students to get up on their feet to join in this chorus, “It’s something unpredictable and in the end it’s right. I hope you had the time of your life”.

DTVM lecturers sang from their hearts as a finale

That marked the end of DTVM Awards 2013 and that was also when the tears readily flowed. Students were really touched at what the lecturers prepared for them and many parents were very happy to see how their children had grown in experience.

Perhaps it’s the small cohort size of 40, perhaps writers are sentimental people. Whatever conclusions you make, DTVM Awards 2013 proved that at DTVM, we play hard and work harder. This is where we Dream it, Write it, Make it.