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Why I Like DMC - Part 1

I never thought that I'd be telling my mom, "I'm recording my radio show!" when she saw me speaking into my phone. If I do end up becoming a real radio DJ one day, I'll have to thank my diploma for paving the way.


My time in Diploma in Media and Communication (DMC) has been amazing so far. The course allows my creative juices to flow smoothly from one assignment to another. From radio shows to television commercials and from print ads to magazine covers, I am constantly doing something creative. In future, I can be a news journalist or a film director. The cool bit? I don't have to make up my mind just yet.


It's not just what I've been studying that has made my poly life fun. I've met many new friends from across the classes, particularly after “DMC Connect”, an event meant to introduce course mates to one another. In fact, we always run into each other when we have classes at The Agency, the vibrant facility with a radio booth and top-notch video equipment. Best of all, it's exclusive to DMC!


The Agency - Our Uber Cool Classroom 


In between sessions at The Agency, my friends and I will check out the nearby push carts for new clothes and fashion accessories. It's so convenient that there's always something happening around us. Earlier this year, I even walked through a haunted maze done by our schoolmates to raise funds for charity. Who knew an ordinary classroom could become so frightening?!


I'm glad I made the right choice when it came to deciding where to go after my “O” Levels. My life has become more colourful ever since, so much so that going home is the least favourite part of my day. And it gets better. Each time I walk out of the school gates, I always grab a Suckies. It's that new tau huey drink they sell near our foodcourt. It's very addictive.


That's me Fiona buying a Suckies


“Why I Like DMC” is part of a series produced for the module 'Professional Communication'. Our first-years hope that this series -- written by students for students in groups -- will help prospective students understand the course better.


Submitted by
Fiona Lai Siow Mei
Ho Ping
Lee Yong Wei Ignatius
Tessa Kerk Per-cy and
Yuan Ye


Diploma in Media and Communication, Year 1, DMC/FT/1B/01