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Why I Like DMC - Part 2

We know that choosing a course to study after the “O” levels may sometimes be a challenge, especially with the number of choices available – there are just so many! As we are just 4 months short of completing our first year in the Diploma in Media and Communication, we believe we are well-placed to give you the top-5 reasons why we like – make that love – our course.

#5: Facilities

The Hilltop Library is one of our favourite places to hang out in CASS. There is a café in the library so you can chill out after lessons playing board games, reading magazines or watching movies. We also have The Agency – a mega classroom that just opened in early 2012. It mimics a real workspace. Here, we have lessons, work on projects as well as do presentations.


The Agency is exclusive to DMC students


#4: Environment

We love CASS for its fun and cool environment. It’s a crazy and warm CASS family that embraced us from the moment we arrived, and it hasn’t changed after all this time. It’s a place where we are able to express ourselves and be the real us.


At DMC, we're not just friends, we're almost like family!


#3: Lecturers

The lecturers at DMC have first-hand experience from the industry. Many a time, they leave you feeling inspired with their knowledge and passion. More importantly, their stories and lessons make us prepared for the future. Our lecturers also reach out to us outside of curriculum time, so don’t be surprised if you see students and teachers hanging out together for meals!


#2: Variety of modules

Another reason to love DMC is because of the wide range of modules we are exposed to. From video editing to design to marketing, DMC equips us with many skills so that we have a choice – later on – as to what to specialize in.


#1: Dynamic learning

In DMC, we don’t learn via the standard “O” level mode, where you memorise, cram and regurgitate information. Things here are more hands on, and you will have to apply whatever you have been taught. This is fun and makes us see the value of whatever we are doing, almost immediately.


“Why I Like DMC” is part of a series produced for the module 'Professional Communication'. Our first-years hope that this series -- written by students for students in groups -- will help prospective students understand the course better.

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Maalikka Ali

Shahidah Hamsah

May Anne

Yin Yin



Diploma in Media and Communication, Year 1, DMC/FT/1B/02