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Why I Like DMC - Part 3

By now, you would be exploring all the various course options that are available for you and it’s probably one of the hardest choices that you have to make thus far. Believe me, we’ve been there, done that and it wasn’t easy at all. But what made Diploma in Media and Communication (DMC) the right course for us? Here’s why! 


Let’s be honest here, we weren’t the best of friends with numbers and test tubes. But over here in DMC, you’re being offered a whole range of interesting modules to learn – from advertising to public relations to film production to social psychology. We think it's beneficial to experience all the different fields and learn a bit of everything.


Apart from learning during lectures and tutorials, we love the fact that field trips are organised regularly, allowing us to get a better understanding of the things we’ve learned. For example, our class went to a top agency Leo Burnett and we got to know more about how the advertising industry works.

Our field trip to Leo Burnet was an eye-opener

Another thing we like about DMC is that there is more focus on soft skills. Back in secondary school, the curriculum placed emphasis on hard skills such as Mathematics and Science, which can be rigid and tiring. But now, we get to practise our soft skills as well, such as interaction and communication.

Do you remember, “Cher, cher!”? Yes, we’re talking about our lecturers and tutors. Our lecturers are approachable and some of them are really funny! We appreciate how they are always ready to help and ensure that we grasp the concept of the individual modules well. We think it is important to have a cheery and fun-loving environment in order for students to work efficiently and happily.


Above all, something fun is always happening around CASS! We’ve had so many events held here within a few months, such as flea markets, movie nights and many other events that you’ll definitely enjoy.

Did we mention that over here at CASS, we have Suckies? Cause we prefer to suck it. *ahem*. No it’s not what you’re thinking about. We’re talking about the popular drink – your traditional tau huey made into a drink, with lots of different flavors to choose from!) Everyone at CASS loves it!

There are also special facilities just for us – the radio station SpaceRadio, where student DJs (yes that means YOU) get to host their own shows and the newly constructed classroom called ‘The Agency’, which simulates a real-life agency, These spaces bring us all closer together, allowing us to have a first-hand experience of life after CASS.


Last but not least, because of the wide range of modules offered, the options for our future careers are wide. You can be an advertising/public relations specialist, journalist or even a movie producer – take your pick!

“Why I Like DMC” is part of a series produced for the module 'Professional Communication'. Our first-years hope that this series -- written by students for students in groups -- will help prospective students understand the course better.


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Crystal Lew

Farah Atikah

Sylvia Kok
Wayne Wan

Zhen Zhou


Diploma in Media and Communication, Year 1, DMC/FT/1B/03