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A Taste of CASS Courses

So this is what school’s like for CASS students! Over 70 secondary school students got a taste of lessons taught in CASS, at an event called Communication 101.

It was held on 7 March 2012 and the secondary school students were hosted to a day of fun activities and workshops. The event was tailor-made for those interested in media and the arts.

CASS lecturer in charge of Communication 101, Ms Sharon Yap, said “They get to brush up on their verbal, written and dramatic expression skills through workshops conducted by out very own lecturers, and at the same time, get an inside look at our CASS diplomas and experience a bit of poly life!”

To do that, the students were encouraged to change into the t-shirt which they got when they arrived at CASS, and were then split into three workshops they had chosen before they arrived. There were also games at the start and end of the event. There were loads of prizes to be won during the workshops too.

The TV show welcome segment

For Ryan Poon, a Secondary 3 student from Riverside Secondary School, the best part of the day was when he go to craft stories with props.

He said, “It was quite fun working with the other students to create a fun, wacky story.”

Ryan had chosen to go for the ‘Dream it, Write it, Make it’ session by the Diploma in Creative Writing for TV and New Media (DTVM).  Besides coming up with fun stories using props, participants also got to write their own stories on iPads. The entire session was conducted in The Writers’ Room, which was a big attraction in itself, because students get to write on the walls and slide down the slope.

Ryan added, “It’s quite a unique experience because I honestly have never been in a room like this before, in a school, especially!”

Vernette Chong, a Secondary 5 student from Hai Sing Catholic School, chose a workshop called ‘Pitch!’ by the Diploma in Media and Communication (DMC). She felt that it will help her improve her public speaking skills. One of the things she had to do was to think of creative ideas for an integrated marketing campaign, and then pitch it to the audience.

Vernette said she “learnt a lot about the courses and media and communication.”

The best part of the day for her was “the interactions, like when I was talking to people like the facilitators.”

Her schoolmate, Syafiq Azlan, chose to attend the workshop by the Diploma in Applied Drama and Psychology (DADP)’s called ‘Using Stories to Transform’. Here he learnt about devise drama and the different techniques used in a performance.

Syafiq said “Quite fun and enjoyable, I like. I loooove to act.”

Students in DADP workshop

The students interviewed said Communication 101 opened their eyes to the many different options CASS has to offer. They will definitely consider CASS courses when they are making a choice about their post-secondary education.

Ryan said “I knew that Singapore Polytechnic is a good poly… (but) I didn’t know there were so many courses.”

Syafiq echoed his thoughts.

He said “I thought like, Singapore Polytechnic you’ll (come) here (to) do engineering or…something…that type of work. I actually found out that there were more things.”

Vernette learnt that “As long as you have passion for something you like, you can do well in the course.”

That’s because at SP, it’s So Possible!

Written by Angie Pay,
Year 3, Diploma in Creative Writing for TV and New Media