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Click-to-Connect: Social Media in the Spotlight

Social Media was in the spotlight during most of Singapore Polytechnic’s Media and Communication Conference 2012 held from 13 to 17 February.


The closing day was a real eye-opener, featuring industry speakers Mr Damien Cummings, Online and Social Media Director, Dell, Asia Pacific & Japan and Mr Julien Courant, Managing Director, DGM Asia Pacific. The focus was on the power of social media and the audience was treated to a special presentation of the findings of a survey on the Impact of Citizen Journalism Among You(th).


To underline the power of social media, the audience was encouraged to tweet comments and questions and 'live' tweets were flashed onto the stage during the conference.


The conference ended with a challenge from the year 2 cohort who organised this year’s conference. They challenged the year 1s to organise a bigger and better conference the following year. 


We, the year 1s, were impressed and a little in awe of the challenge laid before us. Well, we have about a year to make the challenge a reality!

The Mass Media Research team did us proud
with their presentation of the research on
The Impact of Citizen Journalism among Youth.


I feel that the event was a real eye-opener and the presentations by the Year 2 students as well as Mr Cummings and Mr Courant gave me an insight into the opportunities offered by social media. Overall, I think that the event was successful and highlighted how social media can be a powerful tool to reach out to the world.


Written by Izzan Haziq,
Year 1, Diploma in Media and Communication