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DADP Students In Project Mending Sky, US -- A Site-Specific Performance

From August to September 2012, six of our DADP students, including myself, were involved in rehearsals for Drama Box's production, "Project Mending Sky: US". This is the final instalment of Drama Box’s community art project on the environment, and it was staged in the woods around the Bukit Timah Railway Station.

Publicity Posters for Project Mending Sky: US


Our DADP students were involved in one segment of the show called "The Spirits". In this segment, we were part of a cast made up of 8 young people and 7 senior citizens from The Glowers Drama Group, a theatre group of senior citizens.

"The Spirits" was a puppetry performance devised by the director of our segment, Ong Kian Sin, a puppeteer from The Finger Players. The storyline involved the dreams of a little girl of The Monkey Man, often spoken of in legends of Bukit Timah. It was set against the scenic backdrop of the woods near the railway tracks.


Through the experience of rehearsing and performing for the show, we learnt a lot about community theatre, and how drama can be used to encourage the society to consider the things they can do for the environment. Having the show set in the natural environment of greenery only served to emphasise conserving the little natural resources we have left, especially in Singapore. We were better able to appreciate how community theatre is used by Drama Box in our local context. Also, through this production, we saw what we learnt about applied drama in the classroom happen in real life.

DADP students with project participants at Capital Radio, FM95.8


Another thing I learnt was that you're never too old for the arts. Through working with the senior citizens from Glowers, I was deeply inspired. I realised that they didn't see their age as an obstacle to performing and learning new things. It would be interesting if I could be a part of the Glowers Drama Group 40 years down the road!

Janessa (front row, third from right), fellow DADP students and
project participants


All in all, the experience was rich. We learnt so much about puppetry from Kian Sin, and applied drama from Drama Box, but most importantly, we had so much fun!


Written by Janessa Sit
Year 2, Diploma in Applied Drama and Psychology