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Directing Singapore towards a Values-driven and Student-centric Education

In July, thanks to my lecturer Mr Norman New, I was nominated to participate in a closed-door discussion session with some of MOE’s leaders. The purpose? Gearing Singapore’s education towards a more values-driven and student-centric approach.

Being afforded the opportunity to be a panel speaker with my good friend Teng Ziying from the School of Communication, Arts & Social Sciences (CASS) is one of the most marvellous experiences I have had in SP. I had the chance to articulate my ideas to improve Singapore’s education and give feedback to the leaders based on my observations of my fellow schoolmates and their personal experiences. The discussion was thoroughly engaging and the leaders raised questions to probe into the life and activities from a student’s perspective, comprehend some troubles that students face, and formulate novel strategies that could potentially make a Singaporean education more holistic by imparting essential values to students.

Devising ways to improve the efficacy of a system like Singapore’s education is what I ruminate on at times to the extent of discussing them with some of my friends and family. This unique opportunity allowed two students and I to share viewpoints that could hopefully help students find more meaning in what they study, give them confidence to project their conceptions and make them more passionate, grounded and inquiring learners to ultimately want to give back to society.

SPOT (Singapore Polytechnic Outstanding Talent Programme) is a talent development and enrichment programme designed to nurture academically gifted SP students into well-rounded individuals who are humanitarians, communicators and leaders. It is managed by CASS.

Written by Steven Ong Kia Kian
Year 3, Diploma in Biotechnology