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Drama Workshops at Kinderland Childcare Centre

During the one-week September holidays, a few DADP students ran drama workshops at the Kinderland Childcare Centre located at SP. It was an interesting three afternoons working with the K1 and K2 children. On the first day, the drama workshop focused on the importance of washing hands. On Day Two, we looked at the importance of brushing teeth. On the last day, we taught the children how to stay dengue-free.


Of course, all the workshops involved lots of drama activities, games and most importantly, FUN!


When we started, the group of us sat and discussed in detail how we were going to conduct the workshops. We knew that we would have to be quick and flexible on the day of the workshops. True enough, some of our original plans had to be scrapped on the day itself because the children behaved differently from our expectations. 



They were enthusiastic and excited about our workshop. Kids being kids, they expressed their excitement by laughing and talking loudly. Every one of them also wanted us all to themselves and during the first workshop, we had great difficulty trying to control their energy. To prepare for Day Two, we thought of new strategies to engage them.


I still feel that I'm not 100% confident in teaching and running workshops for young children but this invaluable experience has taught me so much about classroom management. I can honestly say that I am now one step closer to feeling more comfortable about working with young children.

Written by: Sahana Hemanthbabu, DADP/FT/1B/03