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DTVM Pioneers Make Their Mark


Daryl Soh had to travel to Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur to film several episodes of a programme for the Asian Food Channel (AFC). Daryl is a Year 3 student in our Diploma in Creative Writing for TV and New Media (DTVM).  As part of his ‘school work’, he is now interning at AFC as a production crew member. This stint is a dream come true for Daryl who has been watching the channel for years and even completed a research paper on AFC as a Year 1 student.


Daryl is not the only one who got to travel while on internship. His classmate Joanne Tan has travelled to Manila and Kuala Lumpur as a production assistant with Very! Production, to produce a documentary.


Joanne says, “Nothing beats travelling for free while learning so much more about production in a foreign land. I’m glad I got the rare opportunity!”


Joanne and Daryl are among the first batch of DTVM students. They will only graduate in May 2012 but already, some of them have literally made a name for themselves on local and international channels, in newspaper articles and on websites. DTVM students learn to produce content for multiple media platforms such as television, web and apps. Production expertise is only one of the many areas DTVM students are trained in. The core skill that every DTVM student learns is writing.


Wendy Wong earned her byline in the first month of her attachment at MediaCorp’s Newshub.  In fact, one of her scoops even made it to the front page of the Today newspaper.


The aspiring journalists says, “I’m actually doing what I’ve learnt and it’s really an enriching experience because I’m also learning what is not taught in school. It’s also been great doing work that comes out on air or on print and you can look at them and say, “Wow! I did that!””


Another journalist-in-training is Yu Pei Fern who is attached to Today newspaper. Besides covering important events, Pei Fern has been given top stories, centre-spreads and even a column!  Her article entitled “Learning to see, from unexpected teachers” appeared on 16 November. This is where she reflects on the poor in Singapore and what she learnt about herself in covering the story.


DTVM students don’t just work on assigned stories. Pei Fern and her classmates have been pitching ideas to write their very own interesting stories, which is something they have been trained to do in class. One of Pei Fern’s stories is about her DTVM classmate, Terrence Ting, who is an entrepreneur!


Besides a lot of hard work, internship has been a lot of fun as well. Ask Muhammad Farhan Shafie who gets to meet many celebrities such as singers, actors and sportsmen because he is attached to Active TV, which produces for E! Asia. While on interviewing assignments, Farhan also gets to meet his other DTVM classmates because they are all attached to the different sections of the media industry.


At DTVM, students are exposed to the media industry right from day 1. Besides short stints, excursions, sharing sessions and master classes throughout the course, students go on a semester-long internship in Year 3 which is a compulsory component in the curriculum.