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I Had Dreams of a Prestigious Junior College

I had dreams to study in a prestigious junior college, become a plastic surgeon, and get rich and famous. But when I was told about the plans of a new diploma fusing drama and psychology, I scrapped all my plans and headed for my new goal. Tadaa!! Here I am in my senior year, 3 months away from my graduation as an Applied Drama and Psychology student.


The past three years have passed by so quickly and I am amazed that I even made it through the numerous projects and endless readings. Though it has been hard work, I believe I can finally reap the rewards of my hard work. I have taken away with me so many lessons about applied drama and how useful the subject is to society, be it for the young or old, or the mentally or physically disabled. My knowledge has grown especially with the wonderful lecturers who are always there to help us even if we had a bag full of questions.


Although I only have a few months left in this course and am focusing on my internship programme now, I’m glad to say that I will definitely continue pursuing my interest in Applied Drama and be more than willing to apply what I have learnt to my future projects.

As said by Augusto Boal, "Theatre can help us build our future, rather than just waiting for it."


-Sharon Nadine Wee DADP/FT/3B/02