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Got nervous and tickled at the same event!

It's called Localicious and it was a showcase of all the new television programmes that will soon be shown on MediaCorp's Channel 5 and OKTO. DTVM students Dalene Low and Jesleen Soh got special invites to catch the sneak peek of shows like the latest season of 'Mata-Mata', 'The Final 1', 'Food Detectives', 'Don't Thrash That' and 'Avenue 13'.

Jesleen and Dalene with Adrian Jamalludin from 'Don't Thrash That'

Besides joining the crowd at The Centrepoint on Saturday, 11 October to catch the celebrities, the students' special media passes also gave them access to a separate event where they can interview the TV stars.

Dalene said "We had back-to-back interviews with some of the celebrities who attended the event. Thankfully the lessons in DTVM paid off, we managed to throw in questions of our own to the panel of interviewees.

Jesleen said "Meeting celebrities is one thing but being able to meet them up close and asking them questions is another."

Together with a few other media students, Jesleen and Dalene soon found that the celebrities were really chatty.

"The answers the celebrities gave were very insightful and humorous at the same time. They really knew how to keep the conversation going," said Dalene.

Jesleen agreed. She said "My initial nervousness faded as we broke into jokes and laughter during the interviews. The celebrities were very friendly and the interviews, at times, felt more like having conversations with friends.

Dalene felt that Ebi Shankara was one of the funniest answers.

She recalled "When asked for his advice on what it takes to become a 'live' host, he said, "Go be a doctor!" Everyone in the room laughed!"



Benjamin & Narelle Kheng, Ebi Shankara from 'Don't Thrash That'

Jesleen added that meeting people from so many types of shows at one sitting was very useful for a student who's learning about producisng television content.

She said "It was a really good experience to be able to interview different people who have different personalities and are working on different genres of shows."

Going for such events is one of the many real-life experiences DTVM students are exposed to. In this scenario, they took on the role of entertainment journalists. It's part of giving students a taste of the life of a writer in Singapore. After attending such activities, students can decide whether they fancy a career in the media.