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Pick Me!

My preparations
I wanted to impress. I wanted to be given the opportunity to assume my preferred media role. I was keen to be a web editor and hoped that what I had in my portfolio would be enough for me to secure the role.

I never realized how much work I’ve done in school for the past 1 and a half years until I had to compile the portfolio for the interview with the coordinators of the SEA Games on 11 September 2014. I now see how much I’ve achieved and learned in DTVM. I had works ranging from storytelling, to research papers to TV show pitches and even to video production.
Ms Angelina Dass (extreme left) from Sport SG conducting a group interview with my juniors

Fancy moves were part of the programme!

My expectations
I had expected both the briefing and interview to be a very serious and official affair, but it certainly didn’t feel like it when we kickstarted the whole session with a mass dance in the early morning.
While it was an odd way to start the day, it did manage to wake everyone up before the serious stuff. At the end of the workout session, we were all in fits of laughter and couldn’t wait to learn more about our roles as official SEA Games Content Producers.  As it was a significant event for Singapore, I expected the interview to be much more serious and much more official than the briefing. But again I was proven wrong.
We were interviewed in groups of at least three. Just before my friends and I were called in for our turn, our lecturer reminded us that for an event like this, the interviewers were looking at our personalities more than anything else.

My interview session
The interview itself turned out far more casual and easy for me. Four of my classmates and I shared about our hobbies, our most active social media sites and our reasons for volunteering as Content Producers for the games.
Being judged based on our personalities instead of our personal achievements felt odd but at the same time, it makes me want to do an even better job, to prove how well I can do fulfil my role as a Content Producer. I am now even more excited for the actual event. It has definitely made me more motivated to face the challenges that would come with the role.
 The briefing contained important information


My view
The interview has made me realize that more than anything, we would have to work together to meet deadlines. While this is not new for me as a media student, I really look forward to working alongside classmates, course-mates and friends. I feel that it isn’t just a great for my portfolio but that it’s also a good opportunity to get to know my juniors and the people from the other class as well. I think it really brings about the essence of the games, which is connecting individuals and communities to our dreams. Even at my level as a volunteer, this was already proving to be true.
The session makes me feel like I am at the start of an unexpected and interesting journey a. I believe that it’s more than just a brilliant opportunity to explore our creative potential, it’s also about capturing the event that celebrates the extraordinary.

Written by Nurul Nadhirah Binte Mohd Khalid
Year 2, Diploma in Creative Writing for TV and New Media (DTVM)