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Trip to Rockhampton

Two students from our Diploma in Media and Communication (DMC) embarked on a 2-week-long journey to Australia to film their very first overseas documentary about the Music and Drama Company (MDC) in the Singapore Armed Forces.


Ian Tan and Shannon Sim, both Year-3 students, travelled to Rockhampton, Queensland to document the daily lives of artists in MDC. 

The documentary, which will be aired on OKTO, explores why a group of talented individuals chose to pursue arts as a career in the military.

Every 2 years, MDC -- which consists of regulars, National Service men and veterans from the Singapore arts scene -- travels to Rockampton to put up a cultural performance as a sign of goodwill to the locals who have been supportive of the Singapore troops training in their facilities.


With support from Canon, the students used the Canon 5D Mark III  --  the best DSLR of its kind -- to shoot crystal clear footage. With the fish eye lenses, they captured moments with unique perspectives.



Shannon (above) and Ian (below) concentrate on
getting the perfect shot


The director of the project Shannon Sim said, “One does not simply get the opportunity to travel overseas to do a documentary. I am exceptionally honoured that I was given a chance to work with MDC and direct a documentary on such a scale.”

The documentary will be aired on MediaCorp Channel OKTO in March 2013.