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In January last year, I was hesitant when I entered my choices in the Joint Admissions Exercise (JAE). After much mulling, I decided on my  first choice as the Diploma in Media and Communication (DMC) and the reason was simple. I really wanted a career in the media industry but did not have a specific one in mind. I hoped that by getting into DMC and spending 3 years here, I would have a better idea of the media industry and what I really wanted to do after that.

Our school is on a hill. The good thing is that it is near
Dover MRT.

Then came the Freshman Orientation Programme. It was really fun and entertaining, meeting different kinds of people in CASS (short for School of Communication, Arts & Social Sciences) and making friends, especially my classmates. Everyone was just so friendly and every first moment spent was special.

Time zoomed past and I am more than halfway into completing my second semester of Year 1 in DMC. CASS has proved to be a vibrant and conducive learning environment. There are always events for us students to enjoy and interact with course mates and even seniors. For example, there was “DMConnect”, where DMC students from Year 1 to 3 come together to have fun and get to know one another. Then there was “CASS Horror Night”, an event organised by the CASS Club committee in celebration of Halloween.

Before I came into DMC, classes were -- to me -- staring into the whiteboard or at the teacher while he or she conducts the lesson. But that’s not the case now. Lecturers here try their best to create refreshing and interesting lessons for the class, and most importantly, we are not confined to the classroom and get real hands-on experience too! An example would be the module ‘“Video Production & Digital Post”, where we get to use real equipment and craft our own story. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” will definitely not apply to us!

We did it! All smiles after our first ever presentation in DMC.

Joining DMC has been a pleasure so far, and it still is. It has inspired me, in many ways, to want to be more involved in the media industry and broadened my horizon as well. Everything that I have learnt, been through and brought home from my the 8 months in DMC has helped me mature significantly. I honestly do not regret joining DMC. If you ask me, it's been one of the best decisions of my life.

“Why I Like DMC” is part of a series produced for the module 'Professional Communication'. Our first-years hope that this series -- written by students for students in groups -- will help prospective students understand the course better.

Submitted by:
Shawn Tan
Marian Lim
Amos Low
Samantha Lee
Shannen Toh

Diploma in Media and Communication, Year 1, DMC/FT/1B/01