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SP Collaborates with NEA on Hawker Centre Project

In April 2013, SP, in close active partnership with NEA, embarked on a series of studies to envisage our Hawker Centres to meet future challenges. This was part of SP’s School of Architecture and the Built Environment’s (ABE) elective module: Detailing for Sustainable Design. Hawker Centre is an engaging subject matter as we all have had positive and personal experiences with this important foundation of our modern society. ABE is pleased to be invited to play a role in shaping this much loved local institution.


Ghim Moh Hawker Centre and Adam Road Hawker Centre were used for the academic exercise. Wide ranging issues such as promoting continuity of authentic hawker fare and gracious dining were worthy points of departure amongst many others. It resulted in a total of 21 proposals of varied scale conceived by 119 ABE’s Architecture and Landscape Architecture students. Beyond application to the identified centres, the proposals have the potential to see further applications in other new hawker centres – 10 were announced in 2012 to be completed by 2017.