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A Year in 2016 via Twitter

Explore SP with the key highlights of the year from our Twitter account.

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Open House 2016

The annual Open House, held in January, lets potential students and parents know about the range of courses on offer and the facilities provided by SP.

Graduation 2016

This Graduation Ceremony saw a total of 5,500 graduands receiving their diplomas, advanced diplomas, specialist diplomas and certificates. With this batch of graduates, SP would have produced close to 190,000 graduates in the 2015/2016 academic year.

Freshmen Orientation Week

Joining a new school can be intimidating. These camps dispel school jitters by allowing freshmen to interact with one another. Freshmen get to signup for the Freshmen Orientation (FO) camps organized by Singapore Polytechnic Students’ Union, the 9 academic school clubs and its optional constituent clubs. At the end of the week, they participate in SP's annual flag day to raise funds in support of the President's Challenge.

Scenic SP

SP is the biggest polytechnic in Singapore at 38 hectares. This lends itself to many photo opportunities. Below are some examples.

Overseas Experiences

Besides local internships, some students get to travel overseas while obtaining real-life experiences in big brand companies. Some others engage in overseas community service programmes.

Campus Life

There are just too many kinds of activities in SP so this is what this section is about.