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Internship in the Land of the Rising Sun

For six weeks, three groups of students from the Diploma in Applied Chemistry with Pharmaceutical Science (DACP) were attached to:

From left: Len Shu Zhen, Aleen Tan, Jerry Lim and Nelson Rian in traditional Japanese costume

“I will never forget this OITP experience in Josai University. It felt like the University has been expecting us for a long time. Despite their busy schedules finishing up their reports and papers, the university students were always helpful in each and every step of our way, and in particular, in the carrying-out of our experiments. With their help, we learnt many techniques and skills regarding skin permeation studies using topical solutions. Speaking different languages was also not a big issue. I was surprised too when they help me celebrate my birthday. On our very last day in Japan, we just wanted to stay there and experience more of Japan."

Aleen Tan

Javier Yu and Danial Shah with Professor Masaki’s team

“For my 6 weeks attachment, I was fortunate enough to be attached to Tokyo University of Technology Photo-aging laboratory under the supervision of Professor Masaki. Under his guidance my buddy and I learned about the skin and how to test and analyse it. As DACP students, it was a completely different ball park as we had little background knowledge of the theories that we were learning about or the principles that we were being taught. We learnt a lot under the guidance of Professor Masaki. We did experiments such as BG staining and carbonyl protein analysis of the skin. The interesting part of this attachment was that we were the test subjects. Professor Masaki was very kind to allow us to test on other parameters of the skin which we were not needed to but we were curious about. We were warmly greeted with a takoyaki party which enabled us to mingle around and get introduced with the Professor, students and the Japanese culture. The students were very friendly and helped us with our experiments, constant picture taking and even treated us to a Shabu-Shabu session.
This attachment had enabled me to see first-hand how the R&D industry works and allowed me to experience working in a different environment and culture. It gave me a pathway to meet an array of wonderful people and people within the industry. The 6 weeks went by in a flash, and soon, we had to leave with a heavy heart. However, we left new skills, knowledge and friends whom we will always remember. I am very grateful to Singapore Polytechnic for providing me with such an amazing experience and it will always be one of my favourite memories of my polytechnic journey "

Danial Shah

Front row from left to right: Professor Yamashita, Loh Wen Xiu, Clarrisa Hui, Jarel Chew and Tan Jian Wen.

"I am quite fortunate to have been given the opportunity to do my internship in Japan. Four of us, Jian Wen, Wen Xiu, Clarissa and I, were attached to Chiba Institute of Science's Cosmetic Science Laboratory, where we were taken under the care of Professor Yamashita. We each were assigned partners, who were Japanese students studying there, and worked on different projects with their help. These projects were generally about skincare formulation, and within the 6 weeks of staying there, we learned much about the skills to achieve good formulation and the techniques to analyze them. We enjoyed what we were doing in the lab and were captivated by the Japanese culture, the beautiful sceneries, and mouth-watering delicious cuisine. We built strong bonds with the university students and Professor. Undoubtedly, this experience was unforgettable, and should the opportunity present itself again, I would definitely go back there."

Jarel Chew



Overseas Training Programme

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