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Meeting with Nobel Prize laureates at
Harvard Medical School

During my industrial training attachment at Harvard Medical School last winter, I was presented with countless opportunities to further understand and discover the latest advances in biomedical sciences (especially in the area of systems biology which is a relatively new inter-disciplinary field of study). Besides the rich culture and knowledge that Boston has to offer, I got to establish networks with professors from the different labs. However this could not have been possible without the constant guidance and assistance from my mentor, Marek Kowalski, who also showed a keen interest in my studies. Moreover, he was also instrumental in my meeting with several Nobel laureates and other distinguished scientists such as Sir Paul Nurse and James Watson.

Looking back at my time in Boston, this trip has indeed been a humbling experience for me. To be surrounded by such great scientists and to even work with them has been such a privilege.

Benjamin Ang Qianhao
Diploma in Biomedical Science
Year 3 Student


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