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Attachment Programme at Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland

Lee Wen Ying, a Diploma in Biotechnology student, shares her Overseas Industrial Training Programme (OITP) experience Dublin.

What have you learnt from this Overseas Industrial Training Programme?


I learnt important life skills like living with others, learning to work as a team and independence. Learning to work independently in the laboratory sometimes with minimum supervision is a valuable lesson. This attachment has broadened my knowledge in this field of chemistry. We visited the Physics department where we were shown how ultrasound was used to detect cancer and new developments in nanotechnology.



What advice will you give to your juniors who are going for such programmes in future?


I would like to stress on the importance of safety. We must not take safety for granted especially we are used to a relatively safe environment in Singapore. Do not be afraid to ask questions when in doubt because that’s what ITP is all about; to ask questions and learn! People are more than willing to teach and explain to student who shows a positive learning attitude. It is always good to be pro-active during the attachment. After completing an assigned task, one can always seek new tasks through discussions with the supervisor.


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