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Together with 17 Diploma in Biomedical Science (DBS) students, Academic Mentor Mr Desmond Ng and Course Chair Dr Tan Tuan Lin travelled to South Korea as part of an Overseas Learning Journey recently. It was the second such trip organised by the School of Chemical and Life Sciences (CLS). The first was to the University of California, Berkeley, last year. Previously, students would go overseas only if they were selected for the Overseas Industrial Training Programme for Internships.

We spoke to Dr Tan on his experiences in Korea and CLS’ Overseas Learning Journey.

“We want our students to be exposed to research taking place outside of Singapore. Programmes like the Overseas Learning Journey value-add to their learning; not only are they getting an in-depth understanding of their field, but they are also exposed to different cultures, which can help in their personal development.”

To supplement the learning experience of the students, visits were organised to South Korean start-up biomedical companies, biotechnology suites, and universities such as the Pai Chai University and the Seoul National University Hospital during the trip. Back in the classroom, Dr Tan noted that the students are now far more aware of the far-reaching implications of their studies, and are more inspired to learn.

DBS students at Pai Chai University as part of their trip during which they learnt more about different practices and another culture.

For Dr Tan, the journey to Korea was also an eye-opener, it being his first visit to the nation and their biomedical organisations. “The setups are similar enough for our immediate understanding, but also with varied practices that we can learn from. The trip allowed us a chance to witness good manufacturing practices that we otherwise wouldn’t have seen. For future learning journeys, we hope to have more trips to other biomedical research centres in Asia. In the pipeline is a visit to Japan towards the end of this year.”

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