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An overseas learning experience in Shanghai and Beijing

We were attached to Shanghai Ngai Hing Hong Plastic Materials Ltd (NHH) for our Overseas Industrial Training Programme (OITP). We were involved in research work which focused on improving the properties of peroxides and polypropylene blends. Other than being exposed to research methodologies, we gained in-depth know-hows on the operation of twin screw extruder, melt flow index tester, tensile tester, just to name a few.

During this attachment, we had the opportunity to visit Beijing University of Chemical Technology as part of the efforts to carry out our project in Shanghai NHH, which required use of Gel Permeation Chromatography that was located in the University. Over at the university, we toured around the campus and visited many of their laboratories. We took the opportunity to further our learning while we were presented with various state-of-the-art processing equipment, for example, the tri-screw extruder that was used to create homogenised polymer blends. It was of great learning value to us, especially when we do not have much prior knowledge. Also, the interaction with the students at Beijing sharpened our communication skills and geared us to be more ‘world ready’ after we graduate.

Before returning back to Shanghai, we went to the Great Wall of China together with some students from the university. It was a great experience navigating the steep and slippery slopes. Despite the hot and scorching sun, we were thankful that it was windy. The exposure that we had, both in Shanghai NHH and Beijing University of Chemical Technology certainly gave us new perspectives in life and added value to us.


Special thanks to our Liaison Officer, Mr Nee Pai How for his efforts to help make this happen.

Chue Pei Zhen & Eva Tan
Diploma in Chemical Process Technology (Polymer Technology Option)



Group photo at Ngai Hing Hong with our supervisor (extreme left) and colleague (second from right) Photo with final year student of Beijing University of Chemical Technology (center) at the entrance of the University



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