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Leadership Journey for CLS Student Leaders

On 18 March 2013, 67 promising leaders from the School of Chemical and Life Sciences (CLS) participated in the Foundation Leap Camp in Kota Tinggi, Malaysia. The objective of this camp was to enhance their leadership skills and allow them to put the '7 Habits of Effective Leadership' to practice.

During the camp, the leaders were given the opportunity to lead their teams in different activities. For each activity, they had to 'Begin with the End in Mind' by setting goals. All the activities were fun and enriching, yet allowing the leaders to practice the seven habits and work towards winning the game. At the end of each activity, the leaders were able to discover their strengths as well as their weaknesses.

Survival Game is a mentally challenging activity where the teams were given a scenario and tasked to make the best survival decision as an individual and as a group. The team members had to convince their team mates that their decision will ensure the highest chance of survival. Another activity was for the leaders to rank their respective team mates and provide them with constructive feedback. During this activity, the leaders had to put aside their relationships and rank their group mates objectively based on their capabilities. As the leaders listened to the peer assessment, they learnt to accept positive feedback humbly while taking negative feedback constructively. With that, they practiced open-mindedness which is an important asset in the corporate world as well in personal lives.

Four-way Tug of War demanded commitment and synergy from the team. In this game, strength was not the key to success - commitment was! A team could win even if they were not as physically strong as the other teams. The water activity, where members were given minimal information on their specific task, illustrated the habit 'Seek First to Understand, then be Understood'. During the trekking trip, leaders took up the roles of communicating and motivating each other through harsh terrain and obstacles. All in all, the trek was exciting and a great learning experience for everyone.

During the finale night, each team prepared a dance performance for their allocated song and played games. This joyous occasion marked the last night for the enthusiastic leaders and they had loads of fun interacting with each other.

In conclusion, the camp was a success to discover many great potential leaders and many learnt from their mistakes and took the chance to improve themselves.


Group photo

Water activities


Finale Night

“I have learnt to approach my life with values, principles and directions clearly in mind to make things happen.”

Tan Xing Fang
Diploma in Perfumery and Cosmetic Science
Year 2 Student

“I have learnt to do things with commitment and also learning important leadership qualities.”

Lim Wei Xian Benjamin
Diploma in Chemical Engineering
Year 2 Student

“The camp had taught 7 habits of highly effective teens and allowing me to see my weakness, thus, enabling me to further improve my leadership skills! Be sure not to miss out this camp!”

Peh Ting Yong
Diploma in Biotechnology
Year 2 Student


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