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From writing to management skills, our courses are expertly designed to suit your specific training needs.

Business Communication Centre

Established in 1994 to enhance the language and communication skills of corporate audiences in Singapore and the region, the Business Communication Centre (BCC) provides consultancy services that can assist you and your organisation in every aspect of communications training. We customise effective, intensive and interactive courses for local and multinational companies, government bodies and schools, with an emphasis on coaching and facilitation sessions, and trainer and peer feedback.

No 'one-size-fits-all' approach

We understand that each organisation is unique. Therefore we have workshops and courses tailored to address your specific training needs. With a team of experts boasting teaching and training experience of more than 20 years, as well as a keen awareness of the latest developments in the communication and media industry, your organisation is assured of receiving training of the highest quality.

What We Offer

Whether you’re looking to improve writing skills, boost public speaking confidence, understand the mass or new media better or hone management skills for your personnel or organisation, the Business Communication Centre (BCC) is your one-stop solution. Crafted and taught by experts in the media and communication industry, each of our language and communication courses and workshops can be modified and fully customised to the exact needs of your organisation. Explore our comprehensive range of courses:

Why Choose Us

When it comes to specialised language and communication workshops and courses, the Business Communication Centre is the consultancy of choice because our solutions are:


We customise intensive and interactive courses and workshops for organisations, companies and educational institutions. Any and all of our courses can be modified or even re-designed from scratch to address the specific training needs of your organisation.


Our expert knowledge of the industry and its evolving needs allows us to offer a wide variety of language and communication courses and workshops that stay current, relevant and sought after.


Our trainers are highly qualified media specialists and seasoned experts in various language and communication fields. With combined teaching and training experience of more than 40 years, our clients are assured of a consistently high quality of delivery and pedagogical professionalism.


As an established training provider, the Business Communication Centre has had 13 years’ experience serving many public- and private-sector corporate clients both locally and regionally. Our clients come back to us, knowing that they are in good hands where their language and communication training needs are concerned. BCC has conducted training programmes for organisations such as Bayer Healthcare (South East Asia) Pte Ltd, AP Moller Singapore, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Manpower, Agency for Integrated Care, Nissho Odyssey Ship Management Pte Ltd, National Colleges of Technology in Japan and many more.


Here at BCC, our competitively priced and professionally delivered packages include needs analysis, customised course designs, up-to-date and relevant materials, performance assessments and closure reports, with IT, language laboratories and media facilities available to assist in training and learning.

In short, BCC is able to meet all your communication training needs!

Contact Us

If you're enquiring about training on behalf of your organisation, please provide us with the following details so that we can frame a faster and more accurate response to your needs:
  • Name of Company / Organisation
  • Contact Person (Name, Designation, Contact Number & E-mail Address)
  • Estimated number of participants
  • Estimated date / period for training
  • Estimated duration for each course / workshop
  • Outline and objectives of the course / workshop you have in mind for your company / organisation
  • Venue preferred


For other enquiries, please contact us at the following details:

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Singapore Polytechnic
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