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What You Will Study

The course comprises 3 modules to be taught over 3 semesters. It will start in Semester 2 of Year 1.

Year Semester Module Total Hours Module Fee
1 Two Introduction to Sustainability and Green Issues 45 $100
2 One Environmental Sustainability 60 $150
2 Two Social and Economic Sustainability 45 $100


150 $350
Class Commencement: AY2012/2013 Year 1, Semester 2

1. Introduction to Sustainability & Green Issues

Introduces the sustainability & green issues and problems that we face today. It will provide the students with an understanding of industrialisation, migration and urbanisation and how these have contributed to the depletion and pollution of the earth and its resources.

2. Environmental Sustainability

Provides students with the basic knowledge and understanding of environmental sustainability. Students will learn the importance of ecological balance and the various policies, standards and best practices in the area of clean air, clean land, clean water and clean energy. The concept will be reinforced by case studies in the application of sustainable development such as in Green Mark and ABC Waters Design projects.

3. Social and Economic Sustainability

Introduces the concepts of social responsibility and ethical economics for sustainable development. This is to inculcate in students the need to curb and manage excessive consumption while raising the standard of living of the developing world without increasing resource use and environmental impact. Businesses and investments can seek to maximise both financial returns and social good. There will be case studies on green business that promote environmental stewardship, consumer protection, human rights and diversity.


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