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NDP2009 KrisWorld

NDP2009 KrisWorld

Kenson Tan and Joseph Chang were thrilled to be selected to work on a 45-sec NDP2009 trailer to be screened on all Singapore Airlines flights from the 1st to 31st August 2009. Wow!, the thought that their work will travel the world over, is astoundingly amazing! This video shown on KrisWorld, is expected to greet more than 500 flights that SIA operates daily worldwide for a full month.

The Diploma in Digital Media (CG Effects Option) students designed the trailer with the ‘what’ factor rather than the ‘wow’ factor to arouse viewers to visit the official NDP website to find out more details about the NDP Celebrations.

Kenson said, “We also considered the various segments of the NDP celebrations that are very familiar to the audience. The “coming together” segment featured the military display and parade, the mass performances and the fireworks”.

With assistance from NDP2009 Comms & Multimedia Committee, the students shot footages of The Float @ Marina Bay , which has become one of Singapore’s most iconic venues. The trailer also included several visual effects techniques such as rotoscoping and colour grading that creates the mood of a concert with celebrations that are associated with our National Day.

It has been a fun and enjoyable experience working on this project. Joseph said, “Initially, we were apprehensive about meeting the deadline as we have to cope with our normal workload. With the support of our lecturers and NDP2009 Comms & Multimedia Committee we are glad that the project has been completed”. Lt CPT Ng Yen Yen said, “Kenson and Joseph were competent and committed. They managed to deliver a high standard video within the deadline despite other overwhelming school work. They could quickly comprehend and react to requirements for changes. Kenson and Joseph were willing to work late nights and on weekends, and those were clear reflections of their commitment”.

DDM students have worked with NDP Multimedia Committee since 2006. This year, students again work with NDP2009 Comms & Multimedia Committee on the following projects: (a) Logo Animation, (b) Kris World video, (c) Making of NDP2009 video, (d) NDP2009 Appreciation video, (e) e-banners and e-cards. These are examples of how out of classroom experiences are constantly infused in DMIT courses. It adds value to the students’ learning and better prepare them for the industry.

Kenson and Joseph: When we enrolled in the course, we did not realise that we have the opportunity to create the promotional video for an international audience. We experienced first hand many “behind the scene” activities and really appreciate the contributions of Singaporeans from all walks of life. Indeed, we can achieve as we “Come Together – Reaching Out, Reaching Up”.

July 2009

About NDP2009 Comms & Multimedia Committee

The NDP2009 Comms & Multimedia Committee works is responsible for in a wide range of projects as part of the NDP 2009 celebrations; DDM students worked with NDP2009 Comms & Multimedia Committee on the following projects: (a) Logo Animation, (b) Kris World video, (c) Making of NDP2009 video, (d) NDP2009 Appreciation video, (e) e-banners and e-cards.

“Kris World” and “A Great Way to Fly” are trademarks of Singapore Airlines.

Kenson Tan (2nd from right), and Joseph Chang (right) setting up the camera
Getting ready for the “celebrations”. Only one take with natural talented “actors” from SAF.

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