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Creative Web Contents for NDP 2009

Creative Web Contents for NDP 2009

For the second year running, DMIT collaborated with NDP2009 committee to come out with creative ways to engage and for the public to enjoy with when accessing the NDP website.

On hand with just a design brief to start off with, The Diploma in Digital Media (DDM) students, over the course of 6 weeks developed contents for animated banners, E-greeting cards and wallpapers. We are proud that our students have given their best effort to showcase their creativity.

These creative artwork of student’s expressing their thoughts for our country’s 44th National Day, are now available for download at, and

Delconi Quek SiQi: "The modules that was covered in DMIT was comprehensive and through the guidance of my lecturers, especially Ms Janny and Ms Sharlin, we all managed to express the spirit of what it means for Singaporeans to celebrate the National Day.'

Randy Ng Jun Xian: "I felt more Singaporean, after having such a direct involvement with NDP. I'm proud that my card will be viewed by many Singaporeans.'

Ong Li Teng: "It was a challenging assignment; to come out with the content but it was fun as we went for a field trip to Marina Barrage to conceptualize our ideas."

"I'm proud that the students have rise to the challenge and went beyond what was taught in classrooms. I must say, looking at their banners, ecards and wallpaper designs, our students are a creative bunch", said Ms Janny when asked to comment about the quality of the student's work.

July 29th 2009

About NDP2009 Comms & Multimedia Committee

The NDP2009 Comms & Multimedia Committee is responsible for a wide range of projects as part of the NDP 2009 celebrations; DDM students worked with NDP2009 Comms & Multimedia Committee on the following projects: (a) Logo Animation, (b) Kris World video, (c) Making of NDP2009 video, (d) NDP2009 Appreciation video, (e) e-banners and e-cards.


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