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DMIT Poly 50 quest!

24 men and women of DMIT set off for training every Wednesday and Friday, despite their busy schedule for the past 2 months. Two teams set out to compete in Singapore Polytechnic’s, tradition of POLY-50. A yearly event that saw teams running around campus ground for 50 rounds, the only polytechnic with such a tradition.


The sweat and pain of training, pays off, when Team 116 clinches the 4th placing in the staff category. It’s certainly a first for a long time for DMIT to be among the top 5 teams. “Im happy and this achievement is a start and will certainly boost our efforts for next year’s event”, said Mr Ho, Team’s Manager, when asked how he felt about DMIT team coming back with a medal.


Mark Gossage: “I want to say a special thanks for Mr Ho for arranging the training sessions, and Lynus for advice, I really needed those sessions to get back into training regularly”, when asked about the team’s performance.


Elyn Goh: “Special thanks to Janny, for filling in. If not, our team will not be able to participate in the run. Also thanks to everyone for the support and the team spirit!!!”, when asked about the prospects of not being able to participate.


It’s the fun of the run that the team remembered most. It’s one way for us to get together, away from the usual routine of work.


The following DMIT staff participated in this year’s Poly 50.Team 106 - Elyn Goh, Janny Chan, Vincent Goh, Ryan Qin, Won Yan Seng, Muhd Faizal, Chong Chee Seng, Ronnie Peh, Ji Peng Xiang, Lincoln Chee.


Team 116 - Ng Puy Yee, Erica Wong, Ang Cheng Gaik, Chanon Kulchol, Mark Gossage, Lynus Hee, Ng Song Heng, Mohd Yatim, Sean Voon, Justin Monreal, Alvin Tang, Low Jin Kiat


July 29th 2009


About Poly 50


The Singapore Polytechnic Student Sports Club organises the Poly 50 Campus Relay which was inaugurated in the 60s at the Prince Edward Road Campus. Students then used to run along the classroom corridors and subsequently on muddy tracks around the campus. When the campus shifted to Ayer Rajah, running took place around the workshops. Finally, the event shifted to its final destination at Dover Road Campus in 1980 where participants will race 50 rounds along a 600-metre route which is flanked by the workshops and the main administration building. The only time the event was run in 30 laps was in 1984 when SP celebrated her 30th Anniversary. The event draws participation from secondary schools, alumnus, SP staff and students representing their departments and clubs.

DMIT Teams “106” and “116”, with Team Manager, Mr Ho Chee Meng. (in white).

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