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The art of IT Security: Know Your Enemies

A team of Year 2 students from Diploma in Infocomm Security Management (DISM), School of Digital Media and Infocomm Technology, won the third prize at the “Capture The Flag” (CtF) competition, which took place from 2nd – 3rd July 2009, as part of The Symposium on Security for Asia Network (SyScan) Conference 2009 held at Novotel Clarke Quay Hotel.

Team Cyber Monkeys, comprising students Cheah Kit Weng, Ishaan Singh and Mohamad Daniel Bin Hamid, had the opportunity to apply their Infocomm Security knowledge and skills in a competitive environment. The team was assigned an "operational" network from the organizer with hardware-based firewall and computer servers. They were required to correct problems on their network, perform computer hardening tasks on the servers, and defend their network infrastructure against live and hostile attacks from other competing teams.

Said Ishaan, "It has been a complete learning experience for all of us. When we first went there, we had no idea what's going to happen and how we are to handle it. Eventually, we fell back to our basics that we have learned in our DISM course. We also got the much needed exposure in the field of Infocomm Security and could feel the importance of securing important assets. All in all, it was a wonderful experience. '

For their effort and enthusiasm, the team was rewarded with a credible third place in the competition as they faced challenges from other seasoned IT security practitioners as well as teams from other tertiary institution. This was the first time they participated in a major IT security competition and they were the only all-student team among the top 3 winners. For their effort, the team walked away with S$1,000 cash price.

August 21st 2009

About SyScan Security Conference

The Symposium on Security for Asia Network (SyScan) is a non-product, non-vendor biased security conference. It is the aspiration of SyScan to congregate in Asia the best security experts in their various fields, to share their research, discovery and experience with all security enthusiasts in Asia.

Our DISM Yr 2 students (team Cyber Monkeys) were placed a credible position as 2nd Runner-Up. This was the very first security competition they participated.
Student in DEEP thought (Ishann, team Cyber Monkeys) Our DISM Yr 2 student was working hard on the attack strategy.
Everyone was working hard to defeat their opponents It’s time to take a break…..
Our students (team: Cyber Monkeys) at work.
The scoreboard showing the current status of the network infrastructure of team Cyber Monkeys.

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