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2009 Digital Imaging Competition

It used to be the packaging of Zoner’s photo editing software, but was morphed into a cob of corn. That’s how DDM Year 2 student Delconi Quek clinched top prize in this year’s Digital Imaging Competition 2009 under the Public Category which is meant for professional digital imaging artist. He kept his design deceptively clean and simple. From far, his entry looked like nothing more than a cob of corn; upon closer inspection, you can see tiny images superimposed into each kernel to convey his graphical message.

Speaking after his win with $2000 in cash, a Certificate of Award and Zoner Photo Studio 11, Delconi cited: "I did not expect my work to emerge Platinum Prize in the Digital Imaging competition 2009 under the Public Category. After knowing that most of the top 10 shortlisted entries were from professional DI artists in the industry, it really heightens my level of confidence to be a successful DI artist. A quote which I often tell myself, “An art piece is beautiful, as long as you like it.” Delconi's coursemate Chew Yan Hao took the Silver prize under Public category too. Yan Hao credited her win to the lecturers encouragement for DDM year 2 students to take up the challenge with professional DI artists. She excitedly stated: “This is my first experience in winning a national award in a Digital Imaging competition. Never thought that my artwork would be shortlisted and never did I think that it would actually win. I will have to thanks my lecturers for their guidance and those who had helped in voting for me. I would continue to work hard and excel in the field of Digital Imaging and Visual Design.”

Wilkins Chow, one of the IDA Infocomm Scholarship winner and Ang Jing Ting who are both from DDM Year One took the Gold and Silver prizes respectively in the Institution category. Singapore Polytechnic marked its dominance winning 4 top prizes among the 6 awards. After sharing triumphs to their parent and friends through mobile phone at SP Convention Centre, both of them felt happy, excited and shocked as they understand that there were many strong entries from various institutions. When they were told about to participate in this competition after joining SP for barely three months, they were stunned and inspired to see how good their seniors’ works were presented in the NEC calendar.

The challenge of strive the balance between showcasing techniques and communicating their messages to the audience is a fine one indeed. Needless to say, the winners would be the ones who tread this line best. Shindo from NEC said, "I have always been amazed by the submissions of this competition. Over the years, I have seen how graphic designers take apart a simple photo and do incredible things to it. This year, I am once again impressed by what the contestants can do.'

Sept 4th 2009

About Digital Imaging Competition

The 5th Annual Digital Imaging Competition final judging was held at SP Convention Centre Hall B. SP being the Winner of 2008 in school category was selected to host this year competition/ exhibition as the Official Venue. The judges for this year's competition are all industry experts, namely, Kenneth Lo, Product Manager for Version 2 Singapore Pte Ltd, Kenji Shindo, Director, Multi Media Platforms Business Unit, NEC Asia Pte Ltd, and Jane Leong, Group Publisher of CR Media Pte Ltd.

DMIT winners with judges (from left to right): Mr. Kenji Shindo (Judge), Ms. Jane Leong (Judge), Wilkins Chow (Gold Awardee), Chew Yan Hao (Silver Awardee), Ang Jing Ting (Silver Awardee), Delconi Quek (Platinum Awardee), Mr. Kenneth Lo (Judge
Platinum Award (Top Prize) for Public Category: Delconi Quek
The concept of the work shows that photo studio can do much more than what one can expect even as small as on the corn kernels.
Gold Award for Institution Category:
Wilkins Chow Shao Liang

The concept was to show how environmental friendly is in every NEC projector. By using the projector to morph into bees which symbolised industrial and teamwork, the artwork suggested that NEC is the leader in today’s technology innovation and the important roles it upholds in protecting the nature.
Silver Award for Institution Category: Ang Jing Ting
The concept was to illustrate how environmental friendly is in every NEC projector. By using the projector to morph into a squirrel, the artwork demonstrates its capability in bringing the images to live with its precision colour technology.
Silver Award for Public Category: Chew Yan Hao
The concept was to show how magical the software can do to the photos. The photostudio software acts like a magic box that brings life to photos through the digital editing software. Photos that enter the box will exit from the shutter-surface of the box as real living things.

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