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DDM Students works to be featured on EZ Link cards

A couple of first year assignments will soon be featured on the EZ Link cards this year. This started when our DDM Students Seah Jian Ling created a poster for his Draw module assignment on the “Clean and Green” topic in 2007. Jian Ling’s work clinched the First Prize in the Green Environmental Digital Art Competition organised by the British Council. Earlier this year, his work were submitted to the National Environment Agency for selection to be featured on EZ Link cards to commemorate the 20 Years of Clean & Green Journey.


Jian Ling’s idea was to meld 2 visuals of opposing meanings at the top and bottom of the Earth in order to present his message. In addition, the caption “YOUR CHOICE. MAKE A DIFFERENCE” was added to accentuate the fact that everyone is capable of making a choice in cultivating a clean and green environment.


Jian Ling said, “The theme ‘Climate Cool in the Urban jungle’ give me the image of cities surrounded by beautiful plants and clear sky. Hence the top part of the Earth in my work showed the combination of city buildings and various species of plants under a clear blue sky. But at present, due human influences, there are a lot of emission of carbon dioxide(CO2), methane(CH4), and ozone gas(O3) and they contributed to the green house effect. Therefore I include these factors in various forms of ‘text art’ into my work. In order to signify large-scale deforestation, I excluded the plants out of the lower part of the picture. The dark greyish gradient is to imply the negative side of climate changes”.


Seah Jian Ling receiving his award




Currently in his final semester and will be graduating in March 2010, Jian Ling has this advice to budding designers, “Be creative and observe the environment and human relationships around you for inspiration and ideas. Try not to be close minded and stick to 1 good idea you've thought of, because you may have missed out other 999 good ideas. Be open to other designs and suggestions that may lead to better results.”


After learning that his work will be featured on EZ Link cards, Jian Ling hopes that it will raise the awareness of the importance of a clean and green environment. He also hopes that it will inspire others to create designs related to this issue.




November 17th 2009



About Commemorating 20 Years of Clean & Green Journey


The National Environment Agency (NEA) will commemorate the 20th Anniversary of Clean & Green Journey together with EZ Link Pte Ltd this year with the launch of limited edition commemorative EZ-Link cards featuring the best artworks or photographs that portray Singapore’s Clean & Green journey.


Poster by Seah Jian Ling



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